Posted by Fredgie 12 Oct 2013

Hey, its Fred here…
The other day i was looking through our blog here, and wondered how many posts mentioned me.
I sometimes google myself, so i didnt see the harm in searching the blog for myself. Weird? Maybe.
Joana has always done such a great job of keeping this online journal, the moments she has captured here are priceless. As everyone that has followed this blog can see, our family has had many wonderful memories, ones that i will always cherish. I look forward to many more.
The posts are 99% about the kids, which is the way it should be. but it was nice to take a stroll down memory lane and see the many nice mentions she had about me and how she felt about me, and about how well i treated her and the kids and so forth. It was very gratifying to read, as I have always tried my best to provide my family with the best of everything, despite my weaknesses and imperfections.
Below are some that i found (links will open in new tab/window).
One of the nicest tributes anybody has ever had about me is in this post:

Here are the rest:

California Trip

Posted by Fredgie 18 Sep 2013

we were lucky enough to spend just over a week in beautiful southern california with grandma, vovo and vovo’ in mid august.
joana took one for the team and stayed home with jakey (who would have made the vacation a lot more complicated), while the rest of us hit the beach on almost a daily basis.
we first went to the sanders family beach, corona del mar, then we went to san clemente, balboa island, laguna beach, then back to san clemente, which ended up being everybody’s favorite.
it was a trip for the ages, everyone had a great time. thanks so much to grandma for letting us stay there, and for everything vovo and vovo’ did for us.

2013-08-16 16.39.46

2013-08-16 18.32.21

2013-08-17 11.37.48

2013-08-17 11.37.54

2013-08-17 14.59.18

2013-08-17 15.04.01

2013-08-17 15.18.21

2013-08-18 16.47.30

2013-08-18 19.50.34

2013-08-18 21.00.24

2013-08-19 10.16.46

2013-08-20 17.15.26

2013-08-20 18.38.05

2013-08-20 18.45.02

2013-08-20 18.58.59

2013-08-20 19.28.09

2013-08-20 19.31.43

2013-08-20 20.02.58

2013-08-21 15.17.29

2013-08-21 15.22.42

2013-08-21 16.06.48

2013-08-21 16.26.23

2013-08-21 16.37.53

2013-08-21 17.02.45

2013-08-21 17.21.45

2013-08-21 18.04.34

2013-08-21 18.28.00

2013-08-22 12.02.53

2013-08-22 13.07.33

2013-08-22 13.08.04

2013-08-22 13.10.04

2013-08-22 13.11.22

2013-08-22 13.13.10

2013-08-22 13.14.47

2013-08-22 13.29.34

2013-08-22 13.32.55

2013-08-22 13.39.34

2013-08-22 16.51.28

2013-08-22 17.37.47

2013-08-22 17.39.19

2013-08-23 09.35.19

2013-08-23 09.47.53

2013-08-23 16.10.47

2013-08-23 16.26.47

2013-08-23 17.56.02

2013-08-23 21.57.51

2013-08-24 08.48.19

2013-08-24 08.49.12

2013-08-24 08.56.10

from the archives – living room dancing

Posted by Fredgie 03 Sep 2013

Van’s 10 year old pics (a month or so late)

Posted by joana 24 Jul 2013

handsome kid…




Mia turns 4!!!

Posted by joana 21 Jul 2013

Number 4 will go down in history as the Dora birthday. Dora cake, Dora poster, Dora presents, oh my. I threw this party together the night before so it was pretty ghetto, but the Mia and her friends didn’t know any different. Jasmine’s “dance party” was a hit, and who doesn’t love cake and presents? That’s all they care about anyways! Van “the zombie” even joined in the fun and Mia’s birthday was the best day ever in her eyes, so it’s all good. Happy Birthday sweet Mia we love you! IMG_9199 mia4 miabday2 miabday3 miabday4IMG_9256

4th of July

Posted by joana 06 Jul 2013

The kids had a fun filled 4th of July starting off with jet skis and swimming at the lake, ending with the fireworks show (Van’s favorite). Fred and I had to take shifts since jakey was sick so there aren’t any pics from the lake, but here are some pics of the night crew at the fireworks show…4th


Posted by joana 04 Jul 2013

Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely adore this girl? Every single frustrating challenge that comes with a 3 year old, melts away when she looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes and says, “Mom, I love you.”

Mia, please don’t grow up. IMG_8890editIMG_90591





Posted by joana 25 Jun 2013

Here are some quick pics showing what we’ve been up to the last little while. We celebrated Father’s day with our awesome dad, some of my sister’s came to visit, the kids have been swimming, “javin” hanging out, cute kids, and more…IMG_9012 IMG_9014 IMG_9017 IMG_9019edit IMG_9031 IMG_9038 IMG_91731 IMG_20130528_172255 IMG_20130604_112851 IMG_20130605_140015 IMG_20130613_120852 IMG_20130613_120934 IMG_20130613_123234 IMG9592151 mia2013-03-05 12.04.20

2013-06-05 17.51.59


josue22013-06-18 19.21.34

2013-06-18 19.21.50IMG_9011

Van turns 10!!! (on June 5th)

Posted by joana 12 Jun 2013

Wow, double digits. He was my baby for 6 years, I can’t believe how fast this kid is growing up. But here he is, my baby boy, ten years old.
I love to make birthday’s special, so we spent all day making sure he had the best day ever. He requested chocolate chip pancakes and bacon for breakfast, opened his present that dad picked out (a calculator watch that he loved), we went to his awards ceremony at school and surprised him for lunch, and ended the day with his birthday dinner choice at The Olive Garden. The next day we had his friend party at the lake and soaked up some sun (minus dad who was home working while baby jake slept).

Happy Birthday Vanner!!







3rd grade field trip

Posted by joana 10 Jun 2013

I went as a chaperone with Van and his class to the super cool new Ross Perot Science Museum in Dallas the last week of school…

rossperot1 rossperot2 rossperot3 rossperot4