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school project…

Posted by joana 29 Oct 2008 2 Comments »

jasmine had a project in her english class where she got to pick something important to her family and do a presentation in class about it…so she picked brazil. i made brigadeiros (a brazilian dessert/candy) for the class, and freddy downloaded some brazilian music for them to listen to. she brought some brazilian money, and the soccor jersey we brought back from our honeymoon…she did a great job! i snuck in this picture without her knowing… but she about shot me when she looked up and saw me take this one! (i’m such a mom, what can i say? sorry jas:)

our new kitty…

Posted by joana 22 Oct 2008 2 Comments »

well they finally talked me into it…i’ve been fighting this for 6 months, but i guess majority rules (fredgie was worse than the kids). we picked her up this morning at the animal shelter. little miss D’lyla (lyla for short). i’ve gotta admit though, she’s pretty dang cute.

the succession of the rock…

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ok the kitten is cute, but look instead at the rock in van’s right hand…
that moves to his head…
to sit neatly in its place for the picture…silly kid:)

van’s field trip to the pumpkin patch!

Posted by joana 16 Oct 2008 1 Comment »

van and all his preschool friends had fun kickin’ it at the pumpkin patch on friday. they took a hayride around the patch, climbed on the haystacks, played in the bounce house, and even got to pick out their own little pumpkin to take home…good times man.

van and his adorable little friend connor

so apparently we have an attic…

Posted by joana 15 Oct 2008 2 Comments »

all you texas folk are going to think i’m dumb for not knowing about attics…but for those of you who don’t live in texas, you may not know that most of the houses here don’t have basements…at least here in the dallas area. i thought that was so strange, having lived in utah all my life, where everybody has a basement. i guess the dirt here is more like bedrock/clay, making it nearly impossible to dig through. so most of the houses start at ground level, making storage space in the house a little scarce (thus the need for an attic).
so being ignorant to the attic fact, i did my best to consolidate all our stuff and de-junk when we moved in, but it still made the garage (what i thought was our only storage space), pretty cluttered.
so helping me think of solutions, fredgie suggested that we build a shed, or put some shelves up in the garage. we talked for a bit about how we could go about it, and then he stopped for sec and said, “wait, i think we have an attic.”
well sure enough, just like the one on christmas vacation where clark griswold gets stuck when everybody goes christmas shopping…we have our own little attic, stairs and all.
he never had any use for an attic before we moved in (his junk consists of one box full of old baseball cards, high school year books, and mission photos), and i’ve only lived in an apartment in texas, so i didn’t really know that they were a standard thing here.
so now i’m happy to say that all our “junk” is neatly stowed in its own little place in the second wing of our house above the garage. now i can send my hubby up there to get christmas decorations and “accidently” close the door and pretend like i don’t know where he is:)

so this is a picture of the kids up in the attic (their “new house”) the first thing van said was “mom, go get your camera and take a picture of us up here!” (he knows i never miss a chance at a cute pic:) they thought it was so cool, going up and down the stairs of their new house. they requested that i bring their dinner up to them so they could eat it in their “kitchen”…they played up there for hours!

sunday night pumpkin carving!

Posted by joana 13 Oct 2008 2 Comments »

after dinner tonight we decided to do a little pumpkin carving…we’re certainly not experts as you can see, but we had fun. jasmine loved taking the seeds and gunk out with her fingers…of course van would have none of that, and scooped his with a spoon:)

van’s first day of pre-k!

Posted by joana 13 Oct 2008 2 Comments »

all summer long, van would ask me at least twice a week, when preschool was starting…he couldn’t wait! he has school on monday, wednesday, and friday, and i get to help out in the classroom on friday’s, so that’s been fun for me to watch him interact with the kids and have fun learning.

our little entrepreneur

Posted by joana 13 Oct 2008 1 Comment »

so jasmine came to me one day and asked me for some money. i said, well you can EARN some money, how about doing a job? she wasn’t too interested in that, and decided instead to look through her room for things she didn’t want anymore, so she could make herself a little “store”. she set up a table out front and put prices on all her items. i was so impressed, she sat out there ALL day…at least 8 hours, coming in just to eat or go to the bathroom. she ended up making about 10$…half of which came from the dude next store who bought himself a .50 cent barbie for 5$ (nice guy). pretty sure she bought a webkinz with her money:)

friday nights at the ballpark!

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fredgie and his bro johnny joined a fall softball league, so we get to hang at the ballpark on friday nights… the kids have so much fun running around and cheering for our boys!

savannah watched van get his picture taken holding a chip by the fence and couldn’t be left out:)
fredgie’s #1 fan (besides me of course)

more ballpark…(different night)

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fredgie’s youngest brother erik and his cute girlfriend karen
my cutest pregnant sister in law paula about ready to pop!
favorite part of the night…getting ice cream at braum’s after the game!