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flashback monday/early a.m. tuesday (i don’t sleep)

Posted by joana 29 Dec 2008 1 Comment »
i missed flashback friday, but hey- this is my blog, i make the rules right?

so i have all this housework, and laundry, and things piled up from the holiday weekend that i was going to start today…but i didn’t feel like doing anything (not to milk the pregnant thing, but it is nice that it’s a good enough excuse to have not done anything all day). instead i went to the thrift store with my sister and mother in-law, played some bingo and chutes and ladders with van, and spent the good part of an hour looking at some old pictures. these two pictures of when the kids were 3 popped out at me.

it’s different with van because he’s still young enough to love on (like you can only do when they’re a certain age), and even though i love so many things about the stage she’s in now…i miss that little three year old jasmine! i love that angelic face- such a beautiful girl, and so good at taking pictures. if i said, “ok, big smile!” she would smile. if i said, “now look serious,” she would do it…
van on the other hand is a different story. he doesn’t like to do anything unless it’s his idea. so when the photographer and i kept saying, “come on van, let’s see a big smile” he just sat there with his finger on the side of his head like, “you can’t make me smile, and i’m not gonna do it.”
we ended up getting some cute pictures with great smiles, but turns out- this was one of my favorites!
why do they have to grow up?

girls just wanna have fun!

Posted by joana 23 Dec 2008 2 Comments »
some of my cute friends had an awesome idea for a pajama party. i never pass up a good party, and they needed a location…so i offered up my pad for the festivities!
i don’t know if anyone remembers “kid-n-play” (a hip hop duo from the 90′s), they had a themed house party movie called the “pajama jami jam.” my hubby insisted on making a house party sign to put on the door so everyone would know they were at the right place. then he took the kids and went to his parents, and left the house to the girls for the night! (thanks hon)
here’s what we did…
it’s so not a party without karaoke…
here’s becky and nikki rockin’ out.
later, nikki and i rocked the house when we preformed the most awesome number of the evening…”i like big butts” by sir-mix-alot:)

of course tons of yummy food…
(cute pregnant becky is eating for two:)
gotta have the white elephant gift exchange
hot mamas…tina, shona, wendy, & anniemore cute girlsbrunette beauty’s…eli, becky, jessica, inga, and nikki.
(i had to crop myself out of the picture, something was goin’ on with my face that wasn’t so attractive…it seriously would’ve mesesed up the whole “beauty” theme of the picture)
toe nail painting with every color imaginable
plenty of girl talk about waxing unwanted facial hair and bikini lines (ouch)
so if any of you man blogger’s are reading this…this is what us chics do when you’re not around.

we ended the night with a chic flick (music and lyrics with drew barrymore), and the last of the girls left around 2:30 a.m.
i think we proved that you’re never too old for a good pajama party with your girlfriends!

flashback friday

Posted by joana 19 Dec 2008 3 Comments »
this is my 4th Christmas to do Christmas cards and i can’t believe i never did them before…they’re so easy! i just sit at my computer, pick a cute little Christmas template, add a digital print and an hour later…done. i pick ‘em up and mail ‘em off the same day (i’m sure you all figured this out ages ago).
anyways, i thought it would be fun to see how much we’ve all changed since i started…thus the “flashback” 2005
this Christmas

stuff we’ve been doing in december…

Posted by joana 16 Dec 2008 2 Comments »
freddy and the kids putting up Christmas lights on the house.
the “light up” ceremony was a proud moment for fredgie…
he made me take a picture:)
van helped me put up the tree while jas was hangin’ with her friendswe had a yummy sunday dinner, followed by a guitar
jam session with my in-laws and our good friends the Cash’slandon helping his daddy play guitar
jasmine doing the dishes for mom…what a good girl!van shaving dad’s headfredgie’s company Christmas party…
amazing food and great company!

i got the salmon, and fredg downed a 16 oz. steak…
plus appetizers, salad, french bread, and dessert. they almost had to wheel us out of there:)my cousin chad and his cute wife brittney (top left), moved from utah out here to texas…just 15 mins away from us! (small world)
his mom and dad and my other cute cousins, came out for the weekend and they invited us over for lunch. it was so nice catching up and getting a taste of home (i miss my utah family).building a fire in the fireplace on a cold nightfor some reason, you can’t really see the fire…it looks like they’re just staring at nothing dad (and van) playing Christmas songs on the saxophone for family night.

never a dull moment around here!

our smurfy little van…

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so we turned off our cable a while back because of all the crap that comes on t.v.
but since we have our very own computer genius living right in our own house, we’re actually not missing out on anything, because he streamlines off the internet anything that we would ever want to watch- minus the trash!
so we watch discovery channel shows, documentaries on france, educational shows for the kids…pretty much anything you can think of. he even gets us the latest movies that just came out on dvd (i don’t ask how he does it…so if it’s illegal, i’m innocent:)
anyways, for some reason i was feeling like van was missing out on the smurf experience. i loved that show as a kid, and hadn’t seen it myself in years.
so of course fredgie hooks us up with about 40 episodes…turns out, van loves it, can’t get enough. he goes around the house quoting smurf lines all day.
it cracks us up how they use the word “smurf” for everything…i never really noticed before. things like “run for your smurf!” or “you look smurfy,” or “let’s smurf out of here.” apparently “smurf” can mean whatever you want…

just wanna brag on my girl for a sec here…

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this is jasmine (she wanted to pose next to the poster freddy surprised her with last week), all dolled up and hair curled pretty- before she left for the opera!
it was a field trip that her choir teacher put on, and all the kids got to go to the opera house in downtown dallas
(she’s getting so refined:)

she sang beautifully in her Christmas choir concert, with her lovely soprano voice, doing cute little actions with the songs…
she got 4th place in the school spelling bee! (i forgot to take a picture)
she was one of two 6th graders that entered, the rest were all 7th and 8th graders- and they were hard words too! freddy and i helped her practice, and some of those words we didn’t even know…all that greek/latin/asian/dutch, origin stuff.
the thing that impressed us the most, was her determination to win. for 3 weeks before the bee, she either stayed after school and practiced with the group, or went before school to practice…all on her own- we were so proud of her!
of course we had to take her out for ice cream to celebrate her hard work.
way to go jas! you’re a good girl!

the sweetest thing…

Posted by joana 09 Dec 2008 5 Comments »

i have a whole new appreciation for mothers with morning sickness. i thought i was off the hook because i wasn’t the least bit sick with my other pregnancies. but this one…man, this sucks. i don’t sleep well at night, i have to force myself out of bed every morning, and trudge through the day with that sick nauseous feeling that only lets up for a few hours in the afternoon and then gets worse at night…
i know all you mothers that go through this every pregnancy are saying “oh, waa waa.” but hey, this is new for me, it’s seriously putting a cramp in my “turbo” style that i usually have. i can’t get anything done!
so my hubby came home for lunch today and as we sat down to eat, i was telling him that i hope he gets his wife back soon (i haven’t been feeling like myself, i certainly can’t be acting like myself)…i’m feeling a little guilty for not being the fun, happy, wifey that i usually am.
and he says…look, i was put here on this earth to be your husband. i’m not the least bit worried about you “not being yourself.” i’m here to take care of you and make sure you’re happy… so you just let me do that.

he didn’t see, but as he got up and took his plate to the sink, tears welled up in my eyes (as if i wasn’t emotional enough).

this is why i married him…i love that man.

i’m lucky…

Posted by joana 04 Dec 2008 5 Comments »

i had a date with a hot guy today.

he totally had his shirt off the whole time.

we sat together at a cozy little table for 2,
and he ordered us some chips & salsa and daquiris

while we played a mean game of chutes and ladders…

he totally kicked my trash.

i was even able to get a juicy kiss out of him at the end of the date:)

today was a good day.

the mother post…

Posted by joana 02 Dec 2008 3 Comments »
it has been brought to my attention that i’m somewhat of a “camera freak.”
but for the record, i’ve always been this way…all my other pics are just stuck in boxes or photo albums, or in folders on my computer- so this blog is like heaven for me (it’s just more obvious to everyone now). i’m excited to get it published and have a journal and a photo album all in one! plus, our out of state family can’t get enough…

my sister catherine and her husband charles in live austin, so we took a trip out there for Thanksgiving this year. maryanne and tom brought their family too, and- well, just check it out and you can see how much fun we had!

here’s how it all played out…

stop at the gas station to clean the windshield. check.
portable dvd player, headphones, superman pillow. check.
cousin luke. check.
(maryanne and i traded kids for the drive)
pregnant mama. check.
ok. we’re off to austin for the Thanksgiving weekend!
potty break and icee’s!
(we have a fun dad that likes to stop and get treats:)
4 hours (and lots of traffic) later, here we are at hotel Nance!
i hope you’re ready for a house full of people for 3 days!alright, put us to work! let’s make some pumpkin rolls……and cupcake turkeys for thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
meanwhile, the kids kept busy playing air hockey…ping pong…and video games!look at those handsome boys!
van, luke, and ethancatherine’s beautiful homeThanksgiving day!alright, let’s dig in!tom and maryanne up front, catherine and charles to the right,
me and fredg on the lefthappy kids at the kid table!what? help clean up? sorry- the game’s on:)yeah baby! life sized football!!
the only way the watch the game…on a 5 X 8 ft. screen!
a game of kickball with the kids…adam, jasmine, and katelyn climbing trees…van and ethan “riding” pillows down the stairsit’s not Thanksgiving without a game of football right?
watching my hot man…lookin’ good hon!
hey, van and i wanna play!back to the kitchen for dessert! (the best part) who’s in for a family game of “apples to apples?”looks like tom’s ready for bed!thanks catherine and charles! as you can see, we had such a great time!I’m thankful for the blessing of family, and the happiness it brings into my life. i’m so grateful for my wonderful husband and our beautiful kids, and that we’re all healthy and happy.

Fredgie is thankful for our Heavenly Father who makes everything possible. it’s very humbling to know that everything we have comes from Him, and the blessings we have in our life are an indication of His love.

Jasmine is thankful to have her own computer in her room so she can listen to her playlist while she read books- anytime she wants. she’s also thankful for her friends and her family.

Van is thankful for our family and our house. he’s thankful for video games, preschool, and friends too.

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!