just the two of us…

Posted by joana 28 Jan 2009 7 Comments »
so last night we enjoyed a nonstop parade of deliciously seasoned grilled meats, served right to our table by a troop of roaming gaucho-clad carvers from large sword-like skewers, accompanied by traditional brazilian side dishes and an extravagant 40 item salad area fit for a king! (i’m too tired to come up with anything on my own, so i just copied that from the website)
this is part 2 to the birthday celebration, and of course the birthday boy chose brazilian food. out of all the brazilian restaurants in dallas, we decided that we like texas de brazil the best . it’s not even the most expensive, but the meat selection is seriously amazing! if you haven’t been, you gotta try it.
awesome salad bar, and look at me…i can almost rest my plate on my protruding belly! (ok, not quite, but oh my gosh- look how big i’m getting!)
gotta love being out with my man:)

7 Responses to “just the two of us…”

  1. EriKaren says:

    Haha. I was reading that restaurant description and was like “Dang Joana!” Lol I thought it was all you and was surprised you put that much thought into describing the food. Lol. It made me laugh.

    You look so stinking cute with your belly! =] I’m so glad you’re finally showing! It makes it so much more real!

    I’m glad you guys had such a great night! =]

  2. Robyn says:

    haha, I was totally impressed with the description. In fact I still am. Good thinking!

    You guys are so cute together. I’m loving the belly!

  3. Hawk Family says:

    You look so cute, and I love Brazillian but I always feel like I need to be rolled out of there!! We always pick Tuchano’s for our birthdays.

  4. rhondas view says:

    i had a gift certificate there that i let expire! so silly! anyway- you two are a shiny example of life going “right” and i love it!

  5. Andrew Family Blog says:

    Hey – you are looking pregnant!! Of course, you only ever get a tummy so what is to worry about!! Do you have an email?

  6. Erickson Family says:

    Yum! I haven’t been there yet, but perhaps I should add it to my list.
    You are such a cute prego mommy!

  7. alisha says:

    Jo!!! I am SOOOO excited to see your blog! It’s been forever! I can’t believe how big Jasmine is…last time I saw here I think she was 5!!! Van is adorable, and you are as always beautiful! Fred looks like a 100% keeper! I am so happy for you!! How do you like Texas? We just moved back from California, and live in Layton. I drove past your old house to see if you were still there. Nobody answered. I would love to catch up with you! I have so many fun memories of good old OG days with you! Congrats on all the wonderful things in your life! Loves, Alisha Crowson