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sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

Posted by joana 29 Mar 2009 4 Comments »

enjoying a beautiful sunday afternoon.

today’s adventure…

Posted by joana 27 Mar 2009 3 Comments »
van and i have a little secret hiding place. it’s a place we like to go and pretend that we’re stranded on a deserted island and no one knows where we are. all we have to eat are the snacks we brought with us, and there’s nobody around for miles. to get to it, you have to walk underneath a viaduct (that makes it more exciting. part of the fun is the “treacherous” walk down the steep rocks)

after the scary climb, we can see our little stream.
dang, i guess this place isn’t secret after all…the “butcher” has already been here. we’d better be on the lookout for him (this adventure is getting scarier by the minute) van climbs down the dirt hill and across the rocks to his “spot”…a rock in the middle of the stream (that’s the best place for snack eating)although we are a little worried that we might be stranded here for weeks, we decide to make the best of it and take off our shoes to wade in the stream and eat our snacks.we stay there for a while and talk and throw rocks in the water and pretend to fish and stuff. after an hour or so, we decide we should try to find our way back to civilization. so we start the 10 mile journey home (it’s really only 1 block:)so long secret hiding place. we’ll be back next week.

on our way back, we found a deadly snake that was trying to eat us. but van wrestled him to the ground and saved the day.
i’ll never forget these adventures with my little 5 year old.
i’m so lucky to be a mom.

peace and quiet…

Posted by joana 25 Mar 2009 5 Comments »
i’m enjoying it while i can. 4 more months, and it’s gone.

we didn’t go anywhere really cool for spring break…

Posted by joana 24 Mar 2009 4 Comments »

but we still had a good time!

it was a perfect day at the lake.
83 degrees, slight breeze coming
in from the water…

we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.

ok guys, fun’s over. get to work! freddy’s mom
and dad came over to help us with yard work.
the kids were great helpers. especially when
they were bribed with ice cream if they finished

pizza with the cousins, jasmine distorting van’s handsome face, working on cars with dad, and climbing on the roof/in trees, pretty much filled up the rest of our spring break. freddy and i finished up tiling the kitchen floor and other around-the-house jobs. it was a good mix, we worked hard and we played hard.

i know i’m always saying this, but…

Posted by joana 20 Mar 2009 3 Comments »
life is good.

ghetto breakfast

Posted by joana 18 Mar 2009 2 Comments »
you can’t get any more ghetto than this. eating crunch berries in the backyard on a dirty card table sitting on lawn chairs, with overgrown weeds and an over turned wading pool in the background. not to mention the garbage can and random bricks laying around. and if that wasn’t enough, both of the boys are wearing sleeveless t-shirts!
i promise it’s not always like this. we just got done tiling the kitchen floor and the table isn’t accessible right now…i don’t have an excuse for the sleeveless t-shirts though (hey, at least they’re not wearing wife beaters), or the jacked up back yard. AND…van lost his first tooth yesterday! which was actually pretty traumatic for him. it freaked him out when he realized it was loose. he didn’t understand that baby teeth just fall out by themselves. i guess i should have prepped him for that one, i thought i had a couple more years though…he’s only 5, i can’t remember if that’s the normal age to start losing teeth. anyways, pretty big milestone for mr. van:)

some dude’s fry sauce

Posted by joana 17 Mar 2009 6 Comments »

ok this is random, but i was eating a hot dog today and pulled out my fry sauce (this stuff is good on anything) and i was thinking…i heard that fry sauce is just a utah thing. is that true?
well being a utah girl myself, i can’t imagine eating french fries without fry sauce. i mean just ketchup? yuck. i always get a packet of mayo to mix with my ketchup to make my own fry sauce. and then i dip my hamburger in it, and anything else that is close by. i thought everyone put it on their fries and hamburgers and such. i never realized it wasn’t available everywhere. but it has been brough to my attention, that fry sauce is only a utah thing. (??)
so a while back, my hubby ordered for me online my own 36 ounce bottle of the most amazing fry sauce ever…only available in utah. “some dude’s fry sauce” they call it. they put some other ingredients in it to make it extra good. and although it’s treated like gold around here…i do share it with my family now and then.
anyways, i was just wondering if i’m the only texan to own a bottle of this stuff, or if anyone can confirm the absurd rumors that the rest of the world doesn’t share my love of fry sauce…

sunday…my favorite day of the week

Posted by joana 16 Mar 2009 3 Comments »
i absolutely love sundays. not because it’s the last day of the weekend to get everything done that i need to do before monday, or because i’m able to get caught up on all the tv shows that i missed during the week, or get my grocery shopping done while my husband is home. actually it’s just the opposite. in fact on sunday if the tv gets turned on at all, it’s to watch extreme home makeover from 7 to 8 (that’s a good family show right?), and we make sure all our shopping and stuff is done by saturday. we pretty much just chill when it comes to sunday. we do things like play board games, and read, and make cookies, and of course take the precious “sunday nap”.
but i just love the feel of sunday. we go to church in the morning, and everything that we would normally do gets put on hold until monday…and i have the whole day to hang out with my wonderful family. i know alot of you do the same thing with your families. don’t you love it!
since the weather was so nice we had to get outside! we hadn’t been to the duck park for a while, so off we went to feed the ducks…

do a little swinging…
and throw around the football…

and of course jasmine found the perfect reading tree, while we all enjoyed the beautiful weather on this beautiful sunday day.

all you need is love…

Posted by joana 12 Mar 2009 3 Comments »

the other day my hubby was sick with the flu and didn’t go to work. he stayed in bed most of the day, and i was splitting my time between taking care of him and running errands and such. at lunchtime, i fixed him and van something to eat and then left again to get something at the store. when i came back, he had gone back to bed and van was on the couch watching cartoons. as soon as i walked in, van said “mom, daddy loves you…he told me to tell you that”.

what a sweet husband i have. he knows just what i need. i’d take care of that sick boy any day:)

the word is out…

Posted by joana 11 Mar 2009 14 Comments »