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our house is officially on the market!

Posted by joana 27 Apr 2009 6 Comments »
it took a while to get everything ready, but i think we’re pretty much done. i had to take down most of our pictures to “de-personalize” the home (i miss them), i got rid of a bunch of clutter to make it more spacious, and we finished all our major projects like the new fence, the flooring, the yard work, and the deep down cleaning (yes, this pregnant woman has been doing manual labor). click here for more info and a virtual tour of the house, and tell anyone you know looking for a cute little starter home to give me or my realtor a call!

27 (and a half) weeks

Posted by joana 26 Apr 2009 5 Comments »
i wanted to get a picture with the kids and my belly so they could look back and remember when i was carrying little sister mia. all too soon she’ll be here, and we’ll forget what life was like before she came. we can’t wait!

darth vanner

Posted by joana 21 Apr 2009 4 Comments »

we had the missionaries over for dinner the other night. they requested feijoada again (they can’t get enough of that stuff) and i was surprising them with some yummy brazilian dessert. in the meantime, van was thinking of a surprise of his own, and filled us in on the details. his plan was to put on his darth vader mask and “scare” the missionaries when they opened the door. he wanted the imperial march to be playing in the background (to make them think it was really darth vader), so we got the music ready and freddy left to go pick them up. van was so excited. he hid by the window until he saw them drive up, and then put his mask on and waited by the door. he thought for sure they would be so scared thinking that he was the “real” darth vader. i had freddy take the camera so we could get it on film when the door opened up…

what not to say to a pregnant woman

Posted by joana 20 Apr 2009 8 Comments »
so i went to the grocery store the other day wearing the sundress that i have on in this picture. i was standing in the isle and this man walking by said that i have a nice “pregnant glow” about me and asked me when i was due. i said thanks and told him that i’m due july 22, so i have three months left. he stopped and said, “really? three months? are you carrying twins in there?”
i guess i need to invest in a full length mirror…

just because…

Posted by joana 17 Apr 2009 4 Comments »
he loves me.
thanks for the roses love:)

go-carts and miniature golf

Posted by joana 16 Apr 2009 2 Comments »
we’ve been working so hard around the house and in the yard, we thought it was time for some fun. so we took a saturday off and spent the day at the sports park. we started off at the go-cart track.jasmine was brave and drove her own cart…
van was a little apprehensive, so he went with dad. as soon as they started out, he raised up his hands and yelled “this is the best day of my life!” (i guess he liked it)after that, he wanted to try driving his own…he was a pro!then we hopped over to the miniature golf course to do 18 holes.
it was so fun and the kids did surprisingly well!

van couldn’t hide his excitement when he got it in the hole (no matter how many times it took to get it in)

we finished off our fun day with some good ol’ mcdonald’s…can’t go wrong there:)

don’t mess with van!

Posted by joana 14 Apr 2009 1 Comment »
van and i went to the thrift store yesterday with the money he got from the treasure hunt. he was so excited to find this boxing glove for $1!and today he mastered his “bone and arrow”

more easter stuff

Posted by joana 14 Apr 2009 1 Comment »

Easter morning

Posted by joana 13 Apr 2009 4 Comments »
we have church at 9 am, so it was easy to get the kids motivated to get ready so they could check out what the Easter bunny brought.

after church we had our annual “Easter treasure hunt”. i write up little clues, and they have to figure out where the presents are hidden. jas was most excited about her CTR ring and twilight t-shirt, and van loved his “bone and arrow” and other little goodies.

Happy Easter!

Posted by joana 12 Apr 2009 5 Comments »

the kids looked so cute in their Easter clothes today, i couldn’t resist getting some cute pictures of them (jasmine’s individual picture didn’t turn out, so i’ll re-take it and post it later).
i hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday!