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growing up too fast…

Posted by joana 29 May 2009 3 Comments »
van had his graduation from pre-k…so cute! the class performed some cute songs that they had been practicing for the parents. he made sure to do his signature “thumbs up” pose for the camera:)

he wasn’t too excited about wearing his graduation cap, but we got some good smiles for the camera anyways (he took that thing right off as soon as it was over). his teacher ms. rhonda is amazing with those kids. she is one of the best examples of patience, kindness, and love that i know. he learned so much this year, and has grown in so many areas of his little 5 year old life. i was so lucky to be able to volunteer in the classroom, and watch van’s transformation from a shy little boy to a more outgoing “big kid”. he really has grown by leaps and bounds. thank you ms. rhonda!
of course we stuck around for the ice cream party afterwards:)
van was old enough to go to kindergarten this last year, but i really wanted him home with me so i could love on him whenever i wanted.
while i was a single mom, i had to put him in daycare and work full time for almost 3 years. he was only 2 years old when i started doing that. i can’t even express how heart wrenching that was for me. leaving my baby for almost 10 hours a day, while somebody else watched over him (jasmine was in school all day, so it was a little easier with her). but i didn’t want to miss out on any more of his life, so i took full advantage of the time we had together this year.
it’s amazing the change i saw in him almost immediately. he’s so thoughtful and kind, and smart and funny, and is coming out of his little shell quite nicely. i’d like to take a little credit for that…the influence of a mother is so important.
i’m so grateful for my wonderful husband for making it possible for me to stay home, and for the love he shows our family every day.

i love that this is just the beginning of the “pictures on the fridge” phase for van. jasmine was over that long ago and i miss it…

memorial day stuff

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ok, i’m tired so this post isn’t going to be very informative…just wanted to get the pics up.

we started the day at the cemetery to pay our respects to freddy’s grandpa who died 3 years ago (notice the snickers instead of flowers. apparently he was a fan).

then we took eduardo (cousin from brazil) and met my sister and her family at the sports park…
to do a little bit of everything. go-carts, batting cages, mini golf, bounce house, video games…good times.went to wendy’s and ate lunch
(i’m sure my sis wouldn’t have taken this picture of herself if she knew it was going to end up on my blog!)
dad and van hit the pool

van and jas caught a lizard, and van washed the windshield.
and finally (i didn’t get any pictures) we ended the day with a barbeque with the whole sander’s fam.
it was a great day:)

can’t wait for miss londyn!

Posted by joana 26 May 2009 2 Comments »
we had a baby shower for my cute sister-in-law karen, who is due about 4 weeks before me.
our mother-in-law hooked us up with yummy food and some seriously good chocolate cake!

it was fun to hang out with everyone and see all the cute stuff she got.
i wanted to make sure and get a pic of us since were both prego at the same time. even though i wasn’t looking, this was the best belly shot. i just think it will be fun to look back and remember being miserable together:)
my other cute sis-in-law paula and her adorable kids were there too. baby millie is the star of the show now, but not for long…she’s got some competition coming to steal her spotlight!
little miss londyn and mia are on the way!

take me out to the ballgame!

Posted by joana 21 May 2009 3 Comments »
jasmine performed ‘the star spangled banner’ with her choir class at the “frisco roughriders” game on monday night (i didn’t get a picture).
they all rode the bus over, and after they sang they got treated to ‘all you can eat’ hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, drinks, and cookies…and they got to hang out and watch the game. they were having a blast! we went over to where she was sitting to snap a few pics and she said, “you’re not going to sit with us are you?” (pre-teens think they’re too cool for parents)
so we left her alone to have fun with her friends, and sat a few rows behind her. we brought freddy’s cousin eduardo who is visiting from brazil. baseball isn’t a big thing in brazil, so it was his first baseball game ever, plus his first time in the states. so he thought it was pretty cool to be at the ballpark and learn about america’s favorite past time.
van was totally into being at the game. not so much the game itself, just being there…fascinated by his surroundings. the music, the smell of hot dogs and cotton candy, the excitement of the crowd. the ballpark has a certain energy and feel, and i could tell he was picking up on that.

he was having such a good time, he couldn’t resist bustin’ a move when he heard some sweet tunes. he’s mr. serious when he dances though. gotta concentrate on his moves…

camper van!

Posted by joana 17 May 2009 3 Comments »
it was all van could talk about for weeks. the stake “father & son” camp out. every night he would mark off a day on the calendar, and count how many days were left. he would talk about it at least 3 times a day. needless to say, he was excited!
we went to the store and he picked out his favorite snacks and soda, and of course marshmallows and graham crackers for s’mores. we made a list of all the camping supplies they would need, and he helped gather everything together and get it in the car.
they got to the camp site and put up the tent, then headed to the campfire to join all the other father’s and son’s for hot dogs and marshmallow roasting. after dinner, they headed back to their tent to play some video games on the laptop. they got their comfy beds all set up (freddy won’t camp without an air mattress), had some more fun playing around the camp site and in the tent, and finally got to sleep around 11:00 pm.

a few hours later, it started to rain. not just rain, but pour…big time. the thunder and lightning woke me up at 3 a.m. and i sent a text to fred to see if they were ok. he said the wind was blowing pretty hard and rain was coming in the tent a little, but van was fast asleep. they made it through the night, and the next morning found that a lot of other campers had left. not my troopers though, they still had some fishing to do!

they fished for a while until van fell in and got all muddy.
they got home and the little man took a hot shower, and then i got to hear all the details about their trip. he was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day.
i love that freddy was just as excited as van was to go on this camping trip. i love that he loves being a dad…and that he’s such a good one. he’s so patient and kind, and one of the funnest dad’s i know. i love that van looks up to him so much, and is always by his side.

so even with the storm, the camping trip was a success. they had so much fun, and got to spend some quality time together as father and son.

30 weeks

Posted by joana 14 May 2009 3 Comments »
my mom said it’s a little risque to post my bare belly for all to see. she even compared it to that photo of demi moore when she posed nude for some magazine while pregnant with her first child.
i’m just having fun documenting my growing belly…sorry mom:)

here’s the progress since 13 weeks. little mia’s getting big!

jas and dad

Posted by joana 11 May 2009 4 Comments »
this is the cute invitation that jasmine made for freddy to attend the “daddy daughter brunch” put on by her activitiy days class at church. the girls helped with the planning, and wanted everyone to get dressed up for the occasion to make it more special.

they had an awesome breakfast with pancakes, bacon, sausage, muffins, juice, and milk. after they ate, they played games and had a special slow dance with their dads (jasmine said they really just goofed around instead of dance), and then each father stood up and said what they loved about their daughters. jasmine loved hearing all the nice things he had to say about how smart she is, how much he loves her, and how grateful he is to be in her life. they both came home excited about how much fun they had.
another reason why i love him…he’s such a great dad, and never misses the chance to show the kids that he loves them.

my first post

Posted by joana 10 May 2009 5 Comments »

joana does an amazing job with this blog, anything i could probably contribute to it would ruin it.

but i would like to dedicate my first post to mother’s day.

i have an incredible mom, and am so thankful for her. she is full of compassion and love, and i know she loves the Savior and His gospel. she has been a great example in my life, and i love her very much.

without disrespect to my mom, i would like to focus more on my wife this mother’s day. it’s our first mother’s day as a married couple.

every day that passes i see that little belly of hers get bigger and bigger, and i am awestruck by it. it is truly humbling to know that we are participating in creation with our Heavenly Father. it is even more humbling that such an amazing woman is proudly carrying the little girl we have created together.

i waited a long time to get married, and am glad it took so long so that joana could be the mother of our children.

i love you, joana. happy mother’s day.

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i want to wish my beautiful mother a happy mother’s day from daughter #2!
she raised 7 wonderful children…i think we all turned out pretty good!

and to freddy’s wonderful mom who i couldn’t be happier to have as a mother-in-law
she raised a good batch of kids too!

we’re both so lucky to have such great moms, and we love you so much! have a great mother’s day!

out for a walk

Posted by joana 08 May 2009 3 Comments »