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the pool

Posted by joana 29 Jun 2009 4 Comments »
i tend to take way too many pictures, but they were having so much fun i couldn’t resist. van couldn’t get enough of “the throw” and just relaxing with dad on the air mattress trying to escape some of this texas summer heat…

which my “pregnantness” isn’t responding to too well. i try to just stay inside and keep my puffy feet and ankles up. just a little over 2 weeks now…

the move

Posted by joana 25 Jun 2009 3 Comments »
well it’s finally done! we packed everything up and hired some movers to haul it all to the storage unit. as they were loading the truck, they told us that they would have to make two trips to get all our stuff (how convenient seeing how they get paid by the hour), so freddy rented a uhaul and followed them over with the boys (van and cousin ethan), who didn’t mind at all riding in the front of a big moving truck:)
so now we’re at my sis’s house while we wait the long four months for our house to be built, which really isn’t very long at all when you’re talking about a new house, but still…i’m a little antsy.

welcome baby londyn!

Posted by joana 16 Jun 2009 1 Comment »
the proud mom and pop!
little miss londyn…born June 15th 7lbs 9 oz. 19 1/2 inches long.

i can’t say anything more than…beautiful.

we’re moving!

Posted by joana 16 Jun 2009 4 Comments »
so for any of you who didn’t know, we sold our house (in 12 days!) and will be out by friday (yikes!). as you can see, it’s craziness in here. so if anyone comes over to visit me and i don’t answer the door, break a window and come and find me…i might be passed out in a box somewhere:)

we decided to build, so we’ll be shackin’ up with my sister and in-laws until our house is done (this is the model of the home we’re building). we’re going to miss all our lewisville friends, but we won’t be too far away so you better keep in touch! (both of our cell phones will be the same)
wish us luck!

anniversary date night

Posted by joana 14 Jun 2009 1 Comment »

since van’s birthday was the same weekend as our anniversary, we postponed our date night til the week after…

we started out at a little hole in the wall brazilian restaurant with great food and great live music. reminded us of our honeymoon.

then my hubby got us a room at the “gaylord texan” which was so perfect because we were supposed to stay there the night we got married last year. here’s what happened:
we weren’t leaving for our honeymoon for a few days, so he made us a reservation at the gaylord for our first night (one of the coolest hotels in dallas). so after our reception we headed on over, and his credit card declined. so we called the credit card company and it turns out someone was trying to use it in canada, so they put the card on hold and we couldn’t use it. it was close to midnight by this time, so we decided to just go home. well our house was filled with guests from out of town that came for the wedding, thinking that we wouldn’t be home until the next day. so needless to say, we spent our first night together as a married couple with a house full of random people…not so romantic:)so good call on the hotel choice hon, this place is awesome! cool little shops, restaurants, ponds, trees, bridges…
this is the view from the balcony in our room. all the rooms have a balcony with a nice view of the atrium down below.

then we just goofed around with the camera for a bit, walked around the resort and took some pics, and just had fun being together celebrating our first year.
so thanks for taking me out hon…it was a perfect 1st anniversary:)

girls camp!

Posted by joana 13 Jun 2009 1 Comment »
jasmine just got back from girls camp today. she was gone for 3 1/2 days and we missed her so much, but she had a blast! i’m going to let her explain the pictures and tell all about what she did at camp…

(Jasmine) This was the car ride up to camp. Emily, Jenna, and Kaylin
This was our cabin and the lake. The other picture is of poison ivy, some of the fourth years got stung.
This was the sky on wednesday right before the tornadoes. We took shelter in the bathrooms until the storm passed. The storm hit everywhere, but passed by our camp! The other pictures are of skits and singing by the lake.
That was me (obviously)
This is the view from the top of the hill that we hiked up. Its the highest point in east texas. we put our virtue flags up there.

This is a picture of all the girls that were at camp. We all got a chance to bear our testimonies during testimony meeting. I was the third one to get up.
The food was great,there was archery,canoeing,hiking,swimming,crafts and bonfries. I had so much fun, it was very spiritual!


Posted by joana 11 Jun 2009 3 Comments »

ok, i know you’re probably sick of belly shots on my blog, but at least this one isn’t of me!
i just had to post these because i loved how they turned out (we took them this morning), and also to give props to this amazing woman. many of you know lori, but for those of you who don’t- she is pregnant with her 8th child! and she’s only like 34…she’s incredible! when you go to her home you’d expect to see total chaos, but lori is such an amazing mother, she has everything in order. her kids are very well behaved and are all very talented. i don’t know how she does it, but i am in awe of her. and if that wasn’t enough, she still looks like a teenager! beautiful…

the big day!

Posted by joana 10 Jun 2009 1 Comment »
van’s birthday was friday june 5th. he has been looking forward to this day for almost 2 months, each night marking off a day on his calendar and counting down the days, getting more and more excited as the day approached. he wasn’t really into his birthday last year, so with him being so excited, i wanted to make it a really special day.
he woke up to the traditional “happy birthday sign”, b-day donuts, and presents. we kept saying, “van, there’s something different about you today, you look bigger or something”. he liked all the attention:)
jasmine had a half day at school, and freddy came home and took us all out for van’s birthday lunch. he chose braum’s because he wanted a “double scooper” ice cream cone afterwards (he thinks it funny to take pictures pretending like he’s asleep).
then we made some last minute preparations for the “friends party” the next day (filling up water balloons, picking out the cake, filling the pinata, etc.). i let him do all the planning and make all the choices on how everything would play out. he was really into picking out things like what kind of plates and cups to eat the pizza and cake on, and what candy would go in the pinata. i told him that only 6 year olds get to make such important decisions. he was feeling pretty big.
so on saturday, he was ready and had everything planned out for the party.
first pizza and presents with the birthday guests, connor, cameron, and benjamin…
then off to chuck e. cheese for games and “transformers” cake

back home again for the pinata and water balloons. whew! we did alot, but got everything in that the birthday boy wanted to do. he was so happy, and everyone had a good time!

van at 6, is the sweetest little boy. such a good helper, and very obedient. he’s doing very good at learning right from wrong, and very much wants to do the right thing. he loves being outside and is fascinated with everything out there…bugs, trees, water, plants. he’s been my best little buddy during the day this past year, and we’ve had a lot of fun being together. secret hide-outs, making tents, playing baseball, reading, cooking, and being “mama’s boy” all day. but it’s a whole different story when dad gets home…he sticks to him like glue. i don’t mind though, i love that he has a dad to look up to and have fun with and learn from. those two are like best buds, playing video games, laughing and joking, playing ball, working on cars and doing projects around the house together…it’s just what van needs.
we have a bedtime routine and read books together every night. i love that time with him. i love that he will still hold my hand when we cross the street, and let me love on him. i love that at random moments he’ll say things like, “mom, i love you forever and ever, infinity plus 300,000 triple, and it never stops”. so then i’ll say the same thing and add one more infinity, and he’ll say “i love you more than that”. (pretty cute)
he’s just an all over great kid and i’m lucky to be his mom.

has it already been a year?

Posted by joana 07 Jun 2009 6 Comments »
this is the first picture that was ever taken of the two of us (when we first started hanging out about 2 years ago).

since then, we’ve been inseparable…

this just puts a little dent in the pictures i have of us but i’ll spare you any more…you get the idea. inseparable.

today is our 1 year anniversary and i can honestly say that this has been the best year of my life. i can’t think of anything better than spending every day with my best friend.
happy anniversary love.

my baby is 6 today!

Posted by joana 05 Jun 2009 4 Comments »

i always tell van that he’s my baby. he says “i’m not a baby anymore” and i say…i know, but you’ll always be my baby no matter how old you get.
i love you baby, happy birthday!