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rocket man

Posted by joana 31 Jul 2009 1 Comment »
a few days ago, the boys decided to put together the model rocket that van got for his birthday. they glued the parts together, and van picked out the colors and did the painting himself. they let it dry overnight, and they next day it was ready to launch!
we headed over to the school park so they could launch it at the soccer field, and they positioned it just right so the wind would catch it and bring it back down close to us. the rocket was equipped with its own little capsule that van decided to put bugs in. he thought it would be fun for them to take a rocket ride (the bugs didn’t survive the launch). it also has a parachute that opens up so it can float safely down. it worked perfectly, and the boys ran to see if they could catch it (i tried to get a picture of it in the air, but it was too far away to get a good shot).

so the rocket launch was successful and van thought it was the coolest thing ever (dad had just as much fun)!

2 weeks

Posted by joana 31 Jul 2009 4 Comments »
i totally forgot how much fun it is to have a little girl! i love all the cute girly outfits and hair bows and pink stuff, and of course i had to paint her toenails. we are all absolutely smitten by little miss mia:)

just a bit like mom…

Posted by joana 26 Jul 2009 7 Comments »

the top picture is of me when i was about 3 months old, and the bottom picture is of mia today at 1 week old. considering the age difference, i think mia looks alot like her mama:)
this week has gone by fast and we’re loving every minute of this sweet girl!

finally, she’s here!

Posted by joana 22 Jul 2009 10 Comments »
right before we left for the hospital, we got some shots of the belly with the rest of the family. my whole pregnancy, fredgie always raved about how beautiful my belly was and how much he’s going to miss it. awwww.

one last photo of me and my pregnant cankles before i hop into the hospital bed!

getting ready…

i think i squeezed the crap out of freddy’s hand. just the thought of someone cutting into my stomach makes me nervous. i was glad to have my hubby there.

here she is! 8 lbs 5 oz. 20 inches long! no wonder i was so uncomfortable the last month or so, i didn’t know i was carrying an 8 pounder!

big girl with lots of thick dark hair!

just hours old…

beautiful big sis!

hospital visitors…

enjoying our new girl

welcome home mia and mom! freddy took the kids to get balloons and presents for our homecoming

babies are such a miracle…we’re so lucky to have this sweet girl in our family

mia is home!

Posted by joana 21 Jul 2009 12 Comments »
i’ll post more pictures later…just wanted to get this one out for ya’ll to see our new girl!

39 weeks

Posted by joana 15 Jul 2009 7 Comments »
i know i haven’t been very creative with my pregnancy poses, but standing by the window seems to be the best way to capture the huge roundness that my belly is!
my c-section is scheduled for friday july 17th…2 days to go!

right around the corner…

Posted by joana 09 Jul 2009 3 Comments »
having the baby shower means it’s getting close, right? well we partied it up the other night to celebrate baby mia who will be here in 8 days!tons of great food…

and awesome gifts! thanks everyone!

here’s a close up of my cute “bow holder” from the talented miss kinzie who made this herself! (you gotta check out her blog)

thanks for making your famous brownies paula…they were a hit as always!
and thank you maryanne for giving us a close-up of your nostrils!and my beautiful nieces! i didn’t have a good shot of toccoa (paula’s oldest), and my jasmine is in utah so she wasn’t there (i miss you sweetie)

baby shower’s are more like parties around here, it was a blast! you guys are the greatest…thanks for making it such a fun night!

i just wanted to remember this…

Posted by joana 07 Jul 2009 2 Comments »
van and i were driving to my dr.’s appointment yesterday, which is now a bit of a drive since i’m staying at my sister’s house. we were listening to classical music and talking randomly about different stuff, and i’m sure i said my usual “mom” sayings like what a good boy he is and how lucky i am to be his mom. when we stopped talking he looked out the window for a while. a little bit later he looked forward and said… “mom, you can’t stop me from loving you. you don’t know how”. then he gave me one of his cute smiles and continued looking out the window.
that boy melts my heart.

4th of july

Posted by joana 06 Jul 2009 Comments Off

we started the day off at mcdonald’s for breakfast (can’t get any more american than that), then headed off to the parade…

van was excited when he found out that they were going to throw candy…

i wasn’t too excited when i found out it was going to be 102 degrees…

despite the heat, everyone had fun. they passed out water during the parade…that was a lifesaver! then we hurried home to a yummy bbq and beautiful little sis-in-law paula:)

on our way home, we stopped off at “the property” where van had fun throwing dirt and rocks. they better get a move on that house, this is going to take forever!