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mom turns 60!

Posted by joana 29 Sep 2009 4 Comments »
at the ripe old age of 7 weeks, mia takes her first plane ride as we head off to utah to surprise my mom at her 60th birthday party! (this was a quick family trip so don’t be mad at me that i didn’t come visit you my utah peeps:))

knowing that my mom would be expecting something big for her 60th birthday, my dad thought of a brilliant plan. he let her pick her favorite restaurant and invited grandma (her mom) and the kids and their spouses that live in utah (4 kids live in utah and 3 here in texas) and set the date for the dinner. as the date got closer, he had my brother call and say he was going to a wedding rehearsal and couldn’t make it . then he had my sister angela call the day of and say that her kids were sick and she couldn’t be there either. she was a little bummed as they drove to the restaurant with just my youngest sister christine, to meet up with trisha and grandma at the restaurant.

little did she know that my dad had invited all her brother’s and sister’s and their spouses, AND that her 3 daughters from texas had flown in just for the party! we got the cue that she was coming and hid around the corner and watched while she entered the room filled with all her family (including the fakers that weren’t supposed to be there). then the three of us from texas casually walked in the room and said “is there a party in here?” you should have seen the look on her face as she screamed in surprise and of course started crying as she hugged us (it was so fun to be sneaky!)my dad treated everyone to whatever they wanted on the menu while we all talked and laughed, and filled up on steak and birthday cake (thanks dad!).

after dinner, we performed a little something that we put together to pay tribute to our wonderful mother- complete with funny stories, “mom-isms”, musical numbers, and talking about the things that we love most about her. then we watched a slide show that my dad put together about her life. the feelings we all had were unanimous…she showed us so much love, and taught us how to be happy. some of our best qualities we got from her.

holding back the tears, she watched as she enjoyed what she said was “the highlight of her life”.

dad and his girls

pretty mom with her daughters.
happy 60th, we love you mom!

i don’t know why michael wasn’t in any of the group shots, but here he is with his wife mary (happy birthday cute girl!) holding mia.

bonus that my hubby was able to be there as we enjoyed the rest of our short stay with mia and my family…

we stayed at angela and paul’s house, and this is what i saw when i came downstairs one morning. i grabbed my camera right away to capture a priceless shot of a typical saturday morning with the howell family. paul playing his guitar, while angela in her pj’s holds ava in just her underwear, with zane drinking his bottle listening to dad sing.

when it’s all said and done-

house update

Posted by joana 28 Sep 2009 3 Comments »

after i pick up van from school, we have about a half an hour to kill before we pick up jas so we usually go to the house to see the progress. the light fixtures are in, tile and granite are done, the first coat of paint is finished, and today they were putting the carpet in! can i just tell you how excited i am? i am so excited!!!!

highlight of the day

Posted by joana 26 Sep 2009 1 Comment »
breakfast at Larry’s Family Restauraunt in our pj’s…gotta love it:)

it’s all about the dress

Posted by joana 23 Sep 2009 6 Comments »

it was a beautiful day. mia was given a beautiful blessing by her father, and she certainly looked the part in the beautiful dress my mom made her. it was a perfectly beautiful day.

there’s no turning back now

Posted by joana 17 Sep 2009 5 Comments »

so i’m about to start training for the austin half marathon coming up in february, and just to make sure that i don’t back out i’m posting it for the whole blogging world to see. bring it.

conducting to the motherstar…

Posted by joana 17 Sep 2009 Comments Off

this is my little brother michael (and his totally cute wife mary), he just started a blog to record his thoughts and stuff floating around in his head. his first post was a total joke and made me laugh because it was classic michael. but this last one he posted made me stop in my tracks. it was just the inspiration i needed for the day and left me feeling like i could conquer the world (or at least get through my crazy day). seriously, check it out (and leave him a comment to encourage more great posts).

the many looks of mia

Posted by joana 16 Sep 2009 5 Comments »

stats for mia at 2 months:
weight…13 lbs. 6 oz.
height…23.25 inches
head circum…16 inches
according to the percentiles, our baby is short and fat with a slightly large head:)
(i’m sure if they had stats for cheeks, she’d be off the charts!)

beautiful trisha

Posted by joana 14 Sep 2009 2 Comments »

this is my 5th sister pregnant with her first baby girl, kate, who will be here on october 10th! hang in there little sis, you’re looking good:)

there will be no laboring today

Posted by joana 08 Sep 2009 5 Comments »
so we found out about this sweet beach spot at the lake and decided to make a day of it. it was a gorgeous day…a little hot, but we are in texas.

the water was perfect, and van was in heaven.

we had to keep the little princess in the shade, so freddy held her while i made sand castles with van…

and then it was my turn while the boys had their fun

we met up with some friends who brought food, so we crashed their party and hung out with them for a while before heading home. on our way back, we stopped and got some ice cream for jas (she wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home with vovo), and then met up with the family for a bbq later on. it was a good day…

saturday mornings on mom and dad’s bed…

Posted by joana 05 Sep 2009 5 Comments »
it doesn’t get any better than this.