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things of note…

Posted by joana 08 Oct 2009 1 Comment »

- mia slept from 10 last night to 7 this morning! yay! (she usually wakes up around 2 or 3 to eat)
- the rain is holding up the progress of our house:(
- my sister trisha had her baby 2 weeks early. beautiful little kate weighing 5 lbs. 8 oz.
- it’s cooling off here in texas, making it for perfect running weather
- my brother michael wrote another great inspirational post (he should totally write a book)

- jas and dad had a daddy daugher date at the olive garden for all you can eat pasta last week (he’s such a great dad)

- i went to van’s school to eat lunch with him, which he thought was pretty cool

-jasmine is so over landon, and now has a crush on a boy named zach in her 4th period class

- van likes to wear his “muscle shirt” to bed

- little miss mia likes to sit in her “bumbo chair” but doesn’t like cooperating with the camerawoman who is trying to get her to smile. little stinker.
- i love my family