my best friend

Posted by joana 21 Oct 2009 7 Comments »

his reputation preceded him. he’s a “player” they told me. i must confess, that tweaked my interest. i silently observed him while at a party together. he approached me first. we talked about brazil. supposedly i gave him “the eye”. my mission for the night: get him to ask for my number. he did.

80′s movies marathons, rap music lyric trivia, hanging out, long talks, was this guy for real? i was very at ease with him, like i’d known him my whole life. totally natural.

alright, enough of this “friends” stuff. i finally had to kiss him (wuss). i conclude that he’s not a player, just a sexy bald guy that gets the chics. very honest and sincere in all his relationships. loves his family. knows the birthday of every one of his nieces and nephews without having to look it up. i thought that was cool.

boyfriend. fiance. husband. insta pop. he loves my kids like they are his own. not just kind of, but really. “team sanders”, we’re in this together. a true companion. love of my life. how could things get any better?

baby mia. i finally have a baby that’s not just mine, she’s ours. i never felt that before. as circumstance would have it, i always did things on my own. he loves every burp, fart, gurgle, and smile. everything she does is precious and hilarious at the same time. never wants to miss a moment.

he knows his way under the hood of a car, can fix anything in the house, geek it up on the computer, dunk a basketball, helps jas with her algebra and gives advice about boys, can dance like a backup for mc hammer, speaks portuguese, does the dishes and takes out the trash, gives me the last cookie, works hard, easily amused, game for anything, tells me i’m beautiful, almost never in a bad mood, is van’s best buddy, opens the car door for me, likes to cuddle, likes to talk, cries when he’s happy, gets excited about the little stuff, tells me what a good mom i am.
and at 2 a.m. when i’m up nursing mia, he lays next to me and whispers, “thank you for taking care of our baby”.

he lives to be a good husband and a father. he loves that he has a family to take care of, and we feel that from him every waking minute of every day. he’s the man i get to spend forever with. he’s my best friend.

7 Responses to “my best friend”

  1. Robyn says:

    I was so touched reading his post. "Team Sanders" is indeed a force to be reckoned with. You guys rock!

  2. Robyn says:

    Hi Turbo

    This is Dad, writing from Robyn's. Sorry, but I can't get the hang of only writing in small letters…

    Very much enjoyed reading your blog note on Fred. I do agree-he's a great guy. Never a dull moment!

    Wonder who he got that from?

    Thanks for loving my son and for being his best friend That's exactly what he needs. He has a lot to give in return.


  3. carolyn says:

    What a public display of affection:) So glad you guys found one another. GO TEAM SANDERS!

  4. Hawk Family says:

    So glad you found your player, he is a good one!

  5. alisha.crowson says:

    What a touching tribute to your man! I am soooo happy for your happily ever after! You are one of those people who touch all those you are around, and it sounds like you met your match! I love it! I always get a smile from reading your blog! Love you Jo!

  6. Cook Family says:

    Although I don't know the whole Sanders clan very well, what I do know, is all good! You have a great family to add to their great family. It's so nice when you are married to your best friend. It makes everything else in life better.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That is so sweet of you Joana. You guys are such a loving family.