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winter weather advisory in effect

Posted by joana 30 Dec 2009 3 Comments »
according to our “winter weather advisory”, temperatures were in the mid 30′s and it was lightly snowing. no flippin way the snow would stick twice in one week (pretty rare for these parts), we had to go sledding!

except we don’t own a sled and walmart doesn’t sell them (welcome to texas), so we picked up an air mattress from the sporting goods section and off we went.

we soon found out that the snow was too wet and our “sled” didn’t go very fast. or very far

maybe if we get a good running start…

alright, so we don’t have the best snow here in texas, but we had fun at our sledding attempt anyways!

van’s Christmas wish came true

Posted by joana 29 Dec 2009 Comments Off
it was a white Christmas in Texas this year!
(more pictures to come)

so far in december…

Posted by joana 19 Dec 2009 1 Comment »
we went to van’s kindergarten class Christmas party

put up Christmas lights

(mia didn’t want to be left out of the action, so we bundled her up and brought her out to watch)

the first (and probably only) snow of the year. melted in 10 mins.

painted my accent wall

mia’s losing her hair, but hasn’t lost any of her cuteness

dinner with friends and fam

taking boxes to the dump

jas and mia being cute

van going on a run with mom

kids hanging out (van insists that muscle shirts are cool)

making Christmas cookies

much to my husband’s chagrin, we put up our fake ghetto tree (he wanted a real one)

it turned out ok except the ceilings are too tall and it looked funny, so i had to make shift a little “present” for it to sit on

van got to wear his pajamas to school and watch the polar express with his kindergarten class. he was stoked.

welcoming dad home from work. we love him.

group shot by the tree:)

just call me martha

Posted by joana 14 Dec 2009 6 Comments »

so i bought this knife block on sale at ‘big lots’ on saturday. i’m sure there’s a huge difference between expensive knives and $20 knives (on sale for $12) from big lots, but since i’ve never had expensive knives before i guess i don’t know what i’m missing- the cheap ones work just fine for me. except the block was ugly, not painted or stained, just the raw unfinished wood. so me, just being me, would have none of that and whipped out some cute paper, some “mod podge”, and black paint, and in no time had my own designer looking knife block. i don’t know why i care, i just do. anyways, it was way easy if anyone wants to try it:)

i couldn’t resist

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she’s so yummy!


Posted by joana 07 Dec 2009 6 Comments »

we were hoping to be all comfy and nestled into our house by the time thanksgiving came around because we were having everyone over to our house this year, but after the big move we only had 9 days until the troops came in! thus started the mad dash to get the house unpacked and put together enough for the big day (don’t be fooled by things looking like they’re in order, we just threw everything in the garage!)

catherine and her fam drove out from austin the night before, and christine was here from utah, it was nice to have more of my sister’s here. i miss them.

catherine went to work right away making dinner preparations

while we sat around the dining room table and talked (our new couches won’t be here until probably the end of december:(

mr. sanders had a deadline at work and was finishing up some stuff so he could enjoy the weekend (thanks for working hard hon!)

jasmine and adam were all about looking up “chuck norris” quotes on the internet, and that’s pretty much all we heard out of them the whole weekend. (chuck norris has counted to infinity. twice.)

the little boys were up and down the stairs, and of course found the video games

dad joined them when he was done working

mia was just looking cute.

the next day the troops arrived!

this is catherine, my beautiful and talented in every way, older sister. she might as well have set up a cot in the kitchen and slept there because she was mostly in that room the whole time! thanks so much catherine, we would have been lost without you!
see, i wasn’t kidding!

the kids did some more playing while we got the feast ready

and the guys went outside to throw the football around (it was a gorgeous day!)
alright time to eat! we had the man of the house carve up the turkey, and did it buffet style

it actually worked out great that we didn’t have any furniture in our living room, we just used it as a cafeteria:)

and put the kids in the kitchen.

tom loves himself some sweets and doesn’t mess around when it comes to desserts, he brought 7 pies! (thanks tom) paula made a yummy pecan and pumpkin pie and her famous brownies, karen made an awesome pretzel jello thing, and catherine made some chocolate pies. everything was so good and of course we stuffed ourselves silly (thanks to everyone for all your help!)

after days of preparation and hours of cooking, it was gone in like 15 minutes, which left us with a mess of a kitchen to clean up.

totally worth it though. my family is the best.