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Posted by joana 28 Jan 2010 6 Comments »

rockin’ the turntable, dj mia can even make the alphabet song sound funky.

(reasonably priced, she’s available for weddings, birthday parties, graduations, and bar mitzvah’s)

birthday weekend

Posted by joana 25 Jan 2010 1 Comment »

early morning birthday surprise with handmade cards from the kids, balloons, and a remote control helicopter. birthday breakfast, lunch with van at his school, then out to dinner for chili’s later that night. 3D avatar on saturday, and family over for b-day cake on sunday. happy 34 my love:)

birthday boy

Posted by joana 22 Jan 2010 1 Comment »

today you are 34 and of course had to remind me that you will always be younger than me.
ok you got me there, but i will always have 3 years and 2 months of wisdom and intelligence on you:)

i’m so lucky that i get to grow old with you.

i like you alot (lloyd christmas voice).
happy birthday!

6 months old!

Posted by joana 20 Jan 2010 7 Comments »

(jasmine just informed me that the little bow on top of her head that’s being held in by one strand of hair looks dumb…alright she has a point)
mia’s stats at her 6 mo. checkup:

height- 27.25…93 percentile
weight- 19.8…96 percentile
head circum.- 17.5…93 percentile

she is such a sweet baby. always happy. content. she lights up the room with her smile, and gets me teared up just about every day. we love you mia.

my boys

Posted by joana 19 Jan 2010 1 Comment »

hamburger cupcakes

Posted by joana 18 Jan 2010 5 Comments »

i got this cute idea from kelly’s blog a while back who got it from bakerella, and it was so clever that jasmine and i had to copy it and take it to our cookie exchange for mutual last week. i added my own twist though (green coconut for the lettuce instead of frosting, and some mcdonald’s paper that i asked for at the drive-thru). it was a hit, and we had fun making them.


Posted by joana 17 Jan 2010 1 Comment »

in case anyone’s interested, i’m still on for the half marathon in february and my training has been going really good. i’m up to 10 miles on my long runs, which is kicking my butt- but totally gratifying at the same time (who knew i could run past the end of the block?).
last week my hubby made me a playlist to put on my ipod before my run, and of course it was complete with sweet 80′s tunes to keep me company.
so i’m nearing mile 6 and starting to feel pretty dang tired thinking i might have to walk it out for a bit, when all of the sudden this song came up next on the shuffle.
i dare anyone to quit doing anything while listening to this song.
i kicked it into 4wheel drive and busted out those last 4 miles like a champ. just the motivation i needed.

peas in a pod

Posted by joana 14 Jan 2010 2 Comments »

so i got this new necklace from one of the most creative/talented chicas out there. she totally made it just for me, and i wear it everyday. it has my kids names on it, and every time i hear it “click” it reminds me of how much i love them. how did she know that i’ve always wanted something sentimental like that? seriously the best Christmas present (besides my new house) i got this year! you can’t see it real good in the picture, so go here to see it up close (and all the other cool jewelry she makes).
thanks again kelly, i love it more everyday!

every girls dream…cute shoes:)

Posted by joana 13 Jan 2010 Comments Off

how stinkin’ cute are these little shoes?! my very crafty sister-in-law made them for mia for Christmas. thanks again robyn, she looks adorable in them!!

just us being us

Posted by joana 12 Jan 2010 1 Comment »

catching a movie with petes before he left for utah

mia watching football with the boys (go cowboys!!)

jasmine imitating steve urkel (did i do that?)

target practice with lego guys

the girls partying on til 2:30 a.m. (toccoa, jas, and katelyn)

knocked out another paint job (only 3 more to go)

watching the 3D version of “coraline”

and the best (cutest) for last, mia cruising around in her little jeep. life is good.