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a post where mia isn’t the star

Posted by joana 26 Feb 2010 2 Comments »

i know mia gets a lot of face time on the blog, but her cute little mug is home with me all day and i can’t help it:)

other stuff going on:van was home sick with a fever on tuesday and spent all day in bed watching movies and sleeping. poor little guy. other than feeling yucky he didn’t mind though. he got extra special treatment from mom, and had his “sick” tray filled with whatever he wanted. he was bummed when he had to go back to school.

(note to self: remember how cute he looked when you went up to check on him and he was sleeping with the “i love you” note that you put on his tray tucked under his arm.)

he usually doesn’t have much to do with mia unless we’re all around her, but i caught him playing with her the other day when he thought no one was looking. it was cute.

we went to 8th grade registration last night to sign her up for classes for next year. she’s excited for her last year of junior high (i can’t believe she’ll be in high school after that!). she’s taking pre-ap algebra, pre-ap english, theater, choir, keyboarding, texas history, and health.

she’s also having fun being in young women’s and going to mutual activities, playing with mia, bugging van, listening to her i-pod, helping mom around the house with chores, writing stories for her english class, and of course reading. she spends a lot of time at the public library, and her school librarian named her the “unofficial” reader of the month (i guess she checked out the most books in the whole school last month, but the librarian wasn’t able to do an official spotlight for some reason).

getting donuts with the girls

hanging out with the gang after a mutual activity

is enjoying working from home, which gives him more time to spend with his favorite people (we’re all enjoying that actually).we have to close the doors to the office because mia knows he’s in there and wants to get in and play with him.

and she started saying “da da da da.”
no fair.
“ma ma ma ma” spent 9 months carrying her in her belly and went through major surgery to get her here!
oh well, i guess i’ll allow it since she has such a good da da da da:)

well i’m just busy doing my thang, slowly getting the house put together, always a “project” in the works

having fun working with the youth

taking care of my super cool family

and my fave…being a mom

eyelashes to die for, and lulu

Posted by joana 24 Feb 2010 1 Comment »

she came out of the womb with these mega long eyelashes that i’m totally jealous of.

and meet “lulu” her favorite little friend that sings the abc’s. makes her smile every time:)

big girl

Posted by joana 22 Feb 2010 6 Comments »
it kills me how big she’s getting, but she’s so much fun and brings so much happiness into our day. she has such an angelic sweetness about her that makes us all weak in the knees. irresistible- is the first word that comes to mind. how did we ever live without her?
(angela, this is the little dress you got her, and she’s wearing ava’s shoes:))

valentine’s weekend

Posted by joana 21 Feb 2010 Comments Off

with a rare texas snowstorm and freezing temperatures in dallas, we were glad to be heading to austin where the forecast was warm and sunny.

the roads weren’t too bad as we drove through dallas

but of course we couldn’t wait to get there to start our fun weekend with the fam

catherine and charles always take such good care of us when we visit. they woke up saturday morning and made us a valentine’s breakfast complete with bacon, frosted scones, and pink heart shaped pancakes

the boys were excited to try out their new remote control car on some rough terrain outside.

it was nice just hanging out with nothing to do…

the men and their serious pool game

the boys and their not so serious climbing on everything they saw

it was my mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary.

they joked that catherine was there to celebrate their 1st anniversary (as a baby), and now they were together again at their 40th (she was born exactly 9 months and 2 days after their wedding day:))

cici’s pizza for our big- “day before the race carb meal”

then the runners went downtown to the expo to pick up our race packets for the next day

(see previous post for race details)

maryanne and katelyn humored me with their “model” poses when i found a cool picture taking wall
and i don’t know why we can’t get away from playing a game of “apples to apples”
but we just can’t

the older cousins had fun hanging out with grandpa playing pool

good times man.

the race

Posted by joana 19 Feb 2010 4 Comments »

so i guess everyone’s been wondering about how the race went and wants to see some pictures (and by “everyone” i mean my mother-in-law:)), so here’s the scoop…

i’ve seriously always wanted to run in a marathon but thought it was totally out of my reach (like i said before, the last time i ran more than a mile was in high school and i puked). but in talking to my dad (who has been running marathons for over a year), i realized that anyone can do it, it would just take a lot of work and a commitment to train hard for 4 months. mia was 2 1/2 months old and i was recovering from my c-section, so i decided to start small and tackle the half marathon. i talked to my doctor and she gave me the go ahead, so as yoda would say- train hard i did.

long story short, i worked my booty off and was ready when race day came. there were 4 of us running. me, my dad, my sister catherine, and her husband charles (and 15,000 other people). my dad ran the full marathon while the 3 of us ran the half.

here we are stretching before the race (i didn’t have my camera, so these were taken by my camera phone). we got up at 4:30 a.m. to leave by 5 and be there by 6 to start the race at 7. tired? no way, too much adrenaline at this point!

here i am during the race. i swiped these pictures off the austin marathon website. i guess you have to pay for them if you want them bigger than 2 inches:)

the finish line was a swarm of people. my goal was just to finish the race and nothing else, i didn’t worry about my time. but i am proud to say that i ran the whole 13 miles without stopping, AND i didn’t puke:)

but i quickly found my cheering section

my #1 fan:)

me and my sis recovering right after the race

the course ran right by the capital which was way cool. we took a few pictures while we waited for my dad to finish.
here he comes rounding the curve

way to go dad!

dad and his runner girls

post race thoughts:
it was a total rush, and such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. maybe i’ll challenge myself and try a full marathon next:)

now for my oscars speech…
i’d like to thank my dad for giving me the motivation to accomplish something i never thought i could do. for checking on me each week to see how my progress was coming along, and for slowing down his pace and running by my side for the first 10 miles of the marathon until he split off to finish his race.

to catherine and charles for their excitement and support and hard work (they’ve already signed up for the san antonio marathon in november!).

to all my friends and family members for their love and encouragement.

and last but not least, to my wonderful husband for having my back, being excited for me every step of the way, taking care of the kids while i trained, and being so proud of me when i finished.
(oh, and getting me phantom of the opera tickets for valentine’s day!)

always something

Posted by joana 19 Feb 2010 4 Comments »

like i don’t have enough to do, i have to concern myself with making a little thingy for the office chair to roll around on. i mean really, there are kids starving in ethiopia and i’m worried about the cheesy plastic carpet protector making the office look like a work cubicle. my husband thinks i’m crazy.
anyhow, the supplies to make it were cheaper than the cheesy plastic thing so we took it back, and in the end i was happy that i was able to kill two birds with one stone- style and thrift.
now if i could be just as concerned about the mess of chords behind the desk.

how to:
thick 3X4 plywood from lowe’s painted black, 12X12 paper from hobby lobby, and a couple coats of mod podge

next up, cute little name board to go over mia’s crib. hobby lobby all the way around. pre-cut letters and boards, scrapbook paper on some then painted and stained the rest, and finished it off with a coat of mod podge (my new best friend)

she has yet to spend a night in her room. right now she’s sleeping in a port-a-crib in our closet. i guess my logic is that i don’t have to go up and down the stairs all the time with naps and getting up at night and such, but i’m thinking it’s about time for the transition.

life is good…

Posted by joana 11 Feb 2010 1 Comment »

sorry, no time to explain the pictures, heading out to austin for the half marathon! enjoy:)

our favorite dinner guests

Posted by joana 09 Feb 2010 2 Comments »

jasmine and i started a tradition a few years ago to set up a little “restaurant” and have the missionaries over for dinner. we put together a menu, and jasmine would take orders and i would cook. we would hang a sheet to separate the kitchen from the table so it seemed more like a restaurant where you couldn’t see the cook.

well it’s been a while, so we dusted off the aprons and invited the missionaries over (and our friends the Craig’s) for an all- you -can-eat breakfast dinner. we were excited to use our new dining room because we didn’t need a sheet this time, the kitchen is down the hall and out of sight!

jasmine did such a good job at taking orders and being the server, while kate and i were in the kitchen cooking up the (Priesthood) pancakes, (war in Heaven) waffles, (free agency) french toast, (baptismal) breakfast burritos, and all the regular sides like bacon, eggs, muffins, etc.
we had a good time, and the missionaries left us with a beautiful spiritual message that lingered in our home all evening (oh yeah, and mr. sanders did a great job with the clean up and the dishes).
speaking of beautiful spirit, you have to check this out (click here). Andrea Bocelli singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. so beautiful.

speaking of hobos…

Posted by joana 09 Feb 2010 1 Comment »

jasmine was asking if i would take her to wal-mart the other day so she could pick up an i-tunes gift card. i told her that i wasn’t going until later that night, but she could walk if she wanted to go right away (it’s only a mile away and it was a nice day). she looked at me in disbelief and her jaw dropped open. “mom, only hobos walk to wal-mart, i would be so embarrassed if someone saw me!”
i died laughing.

mia the hobo

Posted by joana 08 Feb 2010 2 Comments »

mia spends so much time in her little jeep walking on her tippy toes, that she wear holes in all of her pajamas right at the big toe. for some reason we all think it’s hilarious and had to start calling her our little hobo:)
it probably doesn’t help that the little chunker is bulging out of most of her 6-9 month jammies. i had to start getting her 1 year sizes!