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here we go again

Posted by joana 30 Apr 2010 1 Comment »

i don’t know if i’m ready for this blazing texas heat, but it’s coming whether we like it or not.
van’s pool loving self doesn’t seem to mind, and before you know it, his skin will be as brown as a california surfer dude. (with a white butt. it’s cute.)
the pool is actually the only thing that saves us here, and our neighborhood pool opens this weekend. pretty sure we’ll be there most of the summer to escape the heat.

cousins here for the weekend, pics coming soon…

just gravy

Posted by joana 28 Apr 2010 3 Comments »

so the other day i was talking to my husband telling him how hard this new phase with mia is, you know- the crawling, into everything, has to be monitored every second, pulling herself up on stuff, putting her sticky little fingers in places they shouldn’t be.
i mentioned that i never get anything done anymore.

well later as i was giving her a bath (while singing the ernie rubber ducky song), he comes in smiling and sits down on the counter next to the tub (he works from home so he has the luxury of checking in on us whenever he wants).
he said, “you know how you were saying that you never get anything done anymore?”
“yeah”, i said.
“well i have to laugh because look at what you’re doing. you’re getting the most important thing “done” right now. you are the biggest influence in our kids life and you’re giving everything to them. all that matters is that they are taken care of and they’re happy, if the house happens to get clean in the process…well that’s just gravy.”

well you know what that means right? free ticket to slackerville!
just kidding. my o.c.dness would never allow that to happen. but his loving reminder has made me a little less anxious about keeping a perfect house and taking care of my family, we all know which one is more important.
he’s such a good man.

on top of being loving and supportive, he makes the bed every morning. now what husband does that?
and when i say “thanks for making the bed hon” he says, “no need to thank, just doin my job.”
i’m one lucky gal.

sunday afternoon pics

Posted by joana 25 Apr 2010 1 Comment »

sweet slumbers

Posted by joana 23 Apr 2010 1 Comment »

there’s something about a baby after nap time that i love.
after being asleep just long enough for me to start missing her, i start to hear the adorable sounds of baby talk in the monitor. excitedly, i run upstairs and peek in her bedroom door to find her laying on her back playing with her feet and talking to herself. “da, da, da, da” i hear her say, as her chubby little feet hit the sides of the crib.

i can’t stay hidden for long, the desire to make her mine again overpowers me. she flashes me a huge smile. “how’s my girl?!” i say, as she happily pulls herself to stand and greet me. a baby’s sweet innocence can’t hide excitement as she rocks back and forth holding on to the bar.

in a second she’s in my arms, all 21 pounds of warm squishyness. that extra sweet baby smell from being smothered by sleep and good dreams, has seeped into her skin, and my nose and lips can’t stay away from the little spot below her ear, as the kisses take over. i’m in heaven, taking in the irresistible sweetness that my baby is.

and then the fun begins.

i keep forgetting to post this…

Posted by joana 21 Apr 2010 1 Comment »

this is my brother michael a few months after his snowboarding accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.
it has now been 8 years, and he has been walking (as in, he’s paralyzed and doesn’t use a wheelchair) every step of his life since he learned the techniques, and taught himself how to walk with the help of leg braces and canes. he is now ready to share this amazing knowledge with the world!

go here to check it out… (or just click on the link). you won’t be sorry.


Posted by joana 20 Apr 2010 2 Comments »

nearing 7 years old, handsome as can be, blue eyes to die for, and a little on the goofy side (just to name a few things), there’s something about this kid that makes me want to pick him up in my arms and squeeze him as hard as i can and love on him until he tells me to stop…there’s just something about him that i can’t resist.

he’s back!

Posted by joana 16 Apr 2010 2 Comments »

well it was a long week, but we finally got our dad back from a dental excursion in utah.
he needed some work done, and our dental insurance isn’t the greatest on top of the fact that dentists out here charge almost double. so we called up my uncle who has a practice at thanksgiving point and he gave us a way good deal (plus a family discount!).

so before he left, the kids and i wrote some “i love you/miss you” notes to hide in his suitcase. when we got to the airport to drop him off, van very sadly said, “i’m gonna miss you so much, good thing we have a present for you in your suitcase.”
so much for the surprise.
anyways, we missed him like crazy and are so glad that he’s back. i had to get a picture of his welcome home sign before we took it down this morning (the pre-teen was still in bed).

decorating on a dime/here’s the pics you wanted to see angela

Posted by joana 15 Apr 2010 10 Comments »

(now angela, if you keep asking me to post pictures on my blog so you can see them, you have to at least comment on it so it doesn’t look like i’m all “woooo look at me and my newly decorated family room, aren’t i cool?”
texting me after you read a post doesn’t count. get yourself a google account and tell me what you think. and that goes for my other siblings who read and don’t comment. c’mon it’s called “social networking” slash keeping in touch, which is all we got when we’re all so far away, unless you want to call me everyday.
get with the times man:))

now, back to the lecture at hand:
i usually hate to pay full price for things, but we broke down and got a nice living room set, justifying the purchase by saying it would last us for the next 15 years or so, which left me with limited funds to decorate my family room upstairs.
which is actually just the way i like it.
i love the challenge of creating something with “what i have to work with” or hunting for a bargain to polish off the look i’m going for. “very resourceful”, or “macgyver“, are terms my husband uses to describe me with. i just think i’m ghetto. but i love to walk into a thrift store or a garage sale and see the potential of items that would otherwise be thrown in the trash and forgotten. i try to look for the beauty in things, which now that i think about it is how i try to view the world i live in, believing that there’s good in everything and everyone.
makes for a happy and positive life.

oh yeah, my family room. (btw, i have no idea why everything is typing out in different font sizes. weird.)

the couch: a hand-me-down from my sister who actually got it a a thrift store and put a cover on it. the coffee table: thrift store. the curtains and little holdy things on the big window: garage sale. sconces: garage sale i think. i know i didn’t pay much for them. i just added a little greenery from my “random greenery” box. ficus tree: has been traveling with me for about ten years. rug: on sale at ross. black frames: big lots, 5 bucks each. “family” sign: 50% off at hobby lobby (which just for the record they’re not fooling me with the 50% off of stuff. they just mark everything way up and then you think you’re getting a bargain when you get it on sale, but really you’re just paying normal price. sneaky snakes. but, you gotta love hobby lobby). most of the trinkets/knick knacks on tables and shelves would be thrift store purchases too.

moving around the room, we’ve got some chairs from ikea (which i could have easily found the likeness at a thrift store, but they were cheap and i kind of have a phobia of things that i don’t know where they’ve been, which is a little ironic given my thrift store going hobby. rest assured, i totally wash and lysol everything that comes into my house, but it’s hard to lysol upholstery). also, a magazine rack from ikea that i attached some black fringe to for added spice. an ugly lamp that got left in the garage from somebody at our old house but works for now because it matches. and i was so glad to find a home for my “footloose” picture (above the magazine rack) that my husband gave me on our first Christmas. it was the first movie we ever watched together in my apartment when we were dating. awww. 3 black frames with pics of the kids and the black “S” i got at hobby lobby “50% off”. and i got the bookcase on sale at big lots, and the flower picture at ross (not on sale but sometimes i can’t help myself).

here’s a close- up of my ghetto window treatment. it’s hard to see with the light from the window, but it’s redish and yellowish sheer ribbon with silver beads (a.k.a. Christmas garland from dollar tree) held onto the rod with loops i made from black ribbon and glue gunned together around the rod. then for the sheers on each side, i just bunched them up at the top to make like a “flowery” look, and tied them to the curtain rod. it was one of those things that i tried and didn’t like so much, but i can live with it. again, fun to challenge myself to come up with something for way cheap.

kick off your sunday shoes:)

now this collage i made didn’t turn out the way i envisioned, but the fact that is has like 50 pictures of us as a family, is priceless no matter what it looks like.
i was trying to look for a clever sign to put over it, but i decided to go simple and sum it all up with 2 words. i ended up having to make the sign myself since i couldn’t find one. i just used some scrapbook paper and a frame i got at a thrift store that i painted black.

now this entertainment center i was so excited about! it was only $125 at the thrift store and it’s not a cheap piece of furniture. totally solid, took 3 srong men to get it up the stairs (with difficulty), it was a great find (for all you texans, i got it at frisco resale).

i actually got this one for our living room downstairs at a thrift store too (c.c.a. resale shop in lewisville) last year for $150. it was brand-new, still had the tags on. a furniture store had donated it, and i looked it up online and found out that it’s a “hooker furniture” piece priced at $1,000.00, except it was just the top piece and we had to search and search for months to find something that matched the dimensions for the bottom piece and i’m still in the process of trying to figure out what to do with it because it doesn’t match among other things…

so there you have it. it just goes to show that you don’t have to spend tons of money to make a room look nice. just try and look outside the box and find the beauty in things.
while you’re at it, try to view the world that way, it will help your outlook on life:)
the end. (angela get a google account)

happy girl

Posted by joana 12 Apr 2010 1 Comment »

one of the best parts of my day is rolling around on the carpet playing with mia. she was in an extremely happy/playful mood today, i couldn’t resist some pics

remembering florida, and being grateful

Posted by joana 07 Apr 2010 3 Comments »

i came across these pictures of when i took the kids to florida while i was a single mom. before mia, before freddy, before my life now.
van had just turned 4. it seems like forever ago.
during that time i was working full time, the kids were in daycare, and i was exhausted mentally and physically every day, as i was doing everything on my own. looking back, it was one of the hardest times of my adult life.
sure, we’re on vacation here and of course we’re happy and having fun, but i guess that’s my point. i look back at these and other pictures of us during that time, and i’m so grateful that i was still able to give my kids a good life and that i was able to give them the best of me, even if i was alone.
except i wasn’t alone. my Heavenly Father was with me every step of the way, and He continues to be with me whenever i need Him.
and for that i am grateful.