just gravy

Posted by joana 28 Apr 2010 3 Comments »

so the other day i was talking to my husband telling him how hard this new phase with mia is, you know- the crawling, into everything, has to be monitored every second, pulling herself up on stuff, putting her sticky little fingers in places they shouldn’t be.
i mentioned that i never get anything done anymore.

well later as i was giving her a bath (while singing the ernie rubber ducky song), he comes in smiling and sits down on the counter next to the tub (he works from home so he has the luxury of checking in on us whenever he wants).
he said, “you know how you were saying that you never get anything done anymore?”
“yeah”, i said.
“well i have to laugh because look at what you’re doing. you’re getting the most important thing “done” right now. you are the biggest influence in our kids life and you’re giving everything to them. all that matters is that they are taken care of and they’re happy, if the house happens to get clean in the process…well that’s just gravy.”

well you know what that means right? free ticket to slackerville!
just kidding. my o.c.dness would never allow that to happen. but his loving reminder has made me a little less anxious about keeping a perfect house and taking care of my family, we all know which one is more important.
he’s such a good man.

on top of being loving and supportive, he makes the bed every morning. now what husband does that?
and when i say “thanks for making the bed hon” he says, “no need to thank, just doin my job.”
i’m one lucky gal.

3 Responses to “just gravy”

  1. carolyn says:

    Congrats you figured it out! Irving Caesar in 1924 wrote "I want to be happy, but I won't be happy till I make you happy, too." Love you guys!

  2. Stephanie says:

    That is very sweet and I totally understand wanting the house to be perfect. It's soooo hard but, he is right all that matters is keeping our families loved and happy. ohh and my whole point was… my hubby makes our bed everyday as well. It makes me feel 1000 times better to come home from work to a nice neat bed. We are very lucky ladies.

  3. Robyn says:

    what a wonderful man!