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pretty jas

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 love the freckles, love the smile, love the eyes…

 love this girl.


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single & fabulous

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sk8er Van!

Posted by joana 27 Jun 2010 2 Comments »
 yesterday, van decided he wanted to be a skateboarder. not without the necessary precautions though. knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet, this dude is making sure he doesn’t encounter any road rash.
 wow, look at him go!
  showing off his skills to the homies
the first skating attempt was a success. he’s ready to try again on monday!

a glimpse

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the “mia monster” as van calls her, is sometimes not very nice to van (not on purpose, just baby stuff). she screams in his ear, pinches him, grabs him, hits him, takes things from him, slimes him, falls on him, messes up his video games, rips his books, and is just pretty much a pain in his side most of the time. not to mention she’s been threatening his territory as the youngest child ever since she got here.
he’s usually a good sport about it, but it’s hard for him to understand that she’s not doing these things on purpose and he gets annoyed at her a lot.
lately though, every once in a while, she’ll show van her good side. smiles, hugs, cuddles, cuteness, non-annoying things.
it lasts just long enough to reel him in and make him like her again…before the mia monster emerges:)

life lessons

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money doesn’t grow on trees. if you want a video game, and don’t have the money- you gotta earn it.
good job guys, the complaining was minimal.

texas sledding

Posted by joana 23 Jun 2010 2 Comments »
the other day we were itching to get out, so  we decided to go check out the live band that plays on friday nights at a nearby park.

as we were jammin’ to the music and eating our popcorn, we noticed a bunch of kids across the way going down the hill in cardboard boxes.
well that caught van’s attention, so dad ran home to get a box for him to try it out
he was instantly hooked, and spent the good part of an hour “sledding” down the hill
it was even cool enough for the “almost teenager”
meanwhile, the little toddler was walking around like she owned the place. mia walking = no rest for the parents
and as we were leaving, van noticed the beautiful sky and wanted me to get a picture so he could remember how the sun looked shining through the clouds. i must admit, texas skies are beautiful, and their alternative for sledding isn’t half bad either.


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back to father’s day..

breakfast in bed and presents
great day at church
special father’s day dinner
van insisted we do a toast to our awesome dad. good call buddy.
we’re the luckiest. our dad loves being a dad.

oh no she di’nt!

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yes. she did. she celebrated edward’s 109th birthday (yesterday). she made a cake, displayed all the books, and even hung up a sign- “edward you’re so fine, you’re one hundred and nine”
yeah. we couldn’t believe it either.
turns out it was a pretty dang good cake and this morning when she asked where all the cake went, i told her that edward came over last night when she was asleep and ate it. the funny part was, she argued the authenticity of my story by informing me that if he ate it, then he would have had to regurgitate it later and that wasn’t very likely.
what am i going to do with that girl?

celebrate good times, c’mon!

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in celebration of Father’s day, here’s a little shout out to our amazing dad who loves us so much, and takes care of us in every way, who we couldn’t live without…

and since Brazil is playing in the World Cup today, let’s include a special shout out from our little Brazilian cheerleader…
Happy Father’s Day/Go Brasil!