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dance party!

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follow up

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so remember how my brother made that awesome video for that radio contest to win tickets to 311 and meet the band?
well he didn’t win, but he got tickets and got to meet the band anyway! he said it was so awesome, and he was able to talk one on one with one of the 311 dudes and tell him how much their music uplifts his soul.
pretty sweet huh, how’s that for a dream come true?
he still shoulda won though, his video was the bomb.

(michael and his wife mary on the left with some other random people and the 311 band)

hurry home jas…

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we all miss you! everyone says hi!

random july…

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never a dull moment around here!

the birthday she’ll never remember

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of course we had to do the traditional “give the 1 year old her own cake and let her go to town” party. she didn’t disappoint.

i was all set on buying a cake because i didn’t want to mess with making one, but the cheapest one i could find was 8 bucks for some tiny thing. so i broke down and made one real quick. you know me…

and van helped me make the other ghetto one for the party guests, but man was it good! we served it up with some “cake batter ice cream” and i don’t think anybody cared what it looked like.

the birthday guests

can’t get enough of the ankle chub!

awwww. the birthday girl

for once i wasn’t the one holding the camera, so i got to be in most of the pics. besides, i did all the work getting her here to necessitate a first year birthday party right? seems a little deserving;)

she wasn’t sure what to think

she did a pretty good job digging in

jasmine was able to join us via skype/web cam from utah. she was glad that she didn’t totally miss mia’s first birthday, and asked me to give her a kiss from her sissy.

finally a smile. she was little miss serious all day

happy birthday sweet baby, we love you!
mia at 1 year old:
happy, busy, gives lovin’s, sometimes kisses, loves big bro, likes animal sounds, goes to bed with “pinky”, understands portuguese, says van (da) jas (das) and cheese, destroys the house, loves dad to sing to her, favorite stuffed animal is puppy, doesn’t sit still, mega cheeser, likes books, loves being outside, loves to swing, ride her car, “helps” with everything, scared of men with hair, knows where her mouth, ears, tongue, toes, and “pretty hair” are, finally says mama, behold the egg (inside joke), misses jas, loves stroller rides, bath time, combs her hair, is the most beautiful baby girl (next to jasmine) in the world:)

stats at her 1 yr well check:
height- 30.75 (93 percentile)
weight- 24.4  (91 percentile)
head circum- 18.25 (85 percentile)

cute evil baby laugh

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for jas…

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jasmine was pretty stoked that mia’s first word was “jas”
here it is on camera…

girls camp

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jas had a blast at camp as always. i can’t believe i have an almost teenager! miss you sweet girl:)

happy birthday mia!

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i know people always say this about their kids, but i can’t believe she’s already a year old! mia has seriously brightened our lives and made the days around the sander’s house pretty fun and interesting (that’s code for- never gives us any rest, and into everything:)), of course we wouldn’t change things for the world.
we took some pics this morning to document this day.

if you vote, he will win…

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so my brother michael entered this radio contest to get free tickets and backstage passes to a 311 concert, and he’s in the top 5!
as part of the entry, all contestants had to make a video of themselves singing a 311 song.
his is awesome, you gotta check it out!
so in order to win, he needs people to vote for his video so click here and vote for #2 Michael Losee. Thanks!!! (if for some reason you can’t view this video, you can see it when you click the link)