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less creepy

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mia is at the age where everything she does is so adorable. like everything.
we can’t get enough of her, she’s pure entertainment every minute.
freddy is loving this ‘being a new dad to a baby’ stuff, and every time she does something cute that i didn’t see, he’ll come find me and tell me excitedly what she did and how cute it was. but it’s more than just telling me, he has to re-enact exactly how she looked.
so when he’s explaining it, all his expressions are exaggerated with bug eyes and weird mouth positions (certainly not how she looked i’m sure).
when he started doing this i didn’t say anything because i didn’t want to burst his bubble about wanting to tell me how cute mia was being. i think she’s just as adorable and i love how excited he gets and i love to share in the joy of our creation.
but then it just got to be too much for me to resist, and when he would do the above mentioned (with his bug eyes and weird mouth), i would say “except she looked less creepy i hope”

so now that’s the joke around here whenever he’s telling me something about mia. but now he beats me to it, and quickly adds, “except less creepy”

he’s fun to tease:)
thanks for being a good sport hon. you’re such a good dad and love all of us so perfectly.

the staple of life (for van)

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i haven’t been able to get any pictures to upload on blogger for the past couple of days, so until i figure out what’s going on with that, here’s a story…

today we were in the living room playing around with mia, doing “the airplane” with van, and just hanging out on the floor taking it easy on a sunday afternoon.
so then i hold up fred’s arm and tell van to come tickle him, but instead he comes over and starts tickling me.
so i say, “hey i said tickle dad not me!”
to which he replies, “i’m on dad’s side mom”
then i go, “i’m the one who feeds you, you should be nice to me”
then he says, “whatever mom, dad can just fix me hot pockets every day”

well i guess he got me there.

our weekend trip to Paris!

Posted by joana 25 Aug 2010 2 Comments »
Paris Texas that is.
actually we went to Broken Bow Oklahoma, but we passed through Paris to get there. our last little summer trip before school started.

unlike Paris France, this was the most exciting piece of architecture that we saw while driving

the rest of the ride looked like this…

yee haw.
actually the drive wasn’t bad. the little towns we passed through were super cute. plus we had dvd players and cousins to help pass the time. maryanne and tom took the boys in their car, we took the girls. 3 hours went just like that.

we drove up to our cute little cabin and fell in love right away

first item of business…exploring! 

then calling dibs on the bedrooms,

and checking things out…


 we found some unwanted company in the basement and kept our distance.

we decided that this was going to be the funnest weekend ever.
 just in case it wasn’t, we took this picture to show the disbelievers.
we spent the next little while just hanging out and getting acquainted with our new little weekend home while mia was napping.

 then off to the lake for some swimming

 then the part van was waiting for the whole trip. the fire! (or “camping” as he calls it)
gathering sticks, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, he couldn’t get enough.
  i couldn’t get enough of mia:)

 the only disappointment was the tiny little tv they had. the boys didn’t seem to mind though. harry potter #4 played until bedtime.

everyone had fun watching our little visitor

a saturday morning hike was on the agenda first thing. the boys found their walking sticks and headed out

 it was so beautiful up there

maryanne and i had to join in the action

 since we were spending so much time with mother nature, we decided it was fitting to be tree huggers.
(notice i’m the only true tree hugger- everyone else has one leg down)

cute cousins

then more swimming. these kids would swim all day if we let them.

the beach was mostly rocks and dirt, but again- the kids didn’t seem to mind
especially when the wave runners showed up!

there’s no rest chasing after mia all day…
but i don’t mind it so much considering how yummy she is
(no that’s not poop)

van decided that we should come to broken bow oklahoma every year. 
i think we just might.

first days

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after shower lotion routine…

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sweet baby

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The Surprise Party!

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jasmine has been looking forward to her “big teenager” birthday for forever, so we decided to make 13 really special and do a surprise party. she was still in utah so it was easy to get things ready, and there was no chance of anyone leaking the surprise.
so saturday rolls around, and dad and van went to pick her up from the airport. the story was, that we were going out with some friends for her birthday dinner and were swinging by the house to pick me up.
she had no idea that a house full of people were already there partying it up, just waiting for her to get home!

  this is how it all went down…

 my first attempt at decorating a real cake, and i try free hand zebra stripes. what was i thinking?
 zebra stripes, no?

anyways, besides the cake there was a bunch of other pre-surprise party details that aren’t pictured (blowing up balloons, decorating, shopping, baking, inviting, late nights, etc.). it was actually really fun and exciting to plan this!


 the big night…

some of  the surprise-ees hanging out  in the front room

 playing games/waiting

 wii dance party revolution

 the cake set up (can’t forget the jacob plates)

 the treats and candy table

 the princess jasmine centerpiece

 the “shhhhh, she’s getting out of the car” moment
 the unsuspecting birthday girl!
 the hugs and happy birthday wishes

 the pictures with the birthday girl (sorry i didn’t get everybody)

 the present
 the view from the stairs

 the “jasmine slide show” presentation

the mom and jas cake picture

the happy birthday song

the cutting of the cake/picture that makes me look pregnant (i’m not…yet)

the relatives (thanks for coming guys!)

the mingling…

still mingling

the eclipse reference

the handsome braeden jones surrounded by 5 teenage girls

the whole gang

the 13 year old birthday poster for the scrapbook
 the baby girl that got to stay up and party with us til 11 p.m.
 the only picture with van in it (don’t ask me where he was all night)

the end.

Happy Birthday Jasmine!

Posted by joana 11 Aug 2010 1 Comment »

you finally made it! you’re a teenager now!
i can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday, and now you’re taller than me. no fair.
but my sweet baby you will always be.
i love you,

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summer alarm clock

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in the mornings, van comes down the stairs holding his blanket that he sleeps with every night (which was formerly known as his “GG” but apparently now that he’s 7, it’s just a blanket). i pick him up and take him over to the couch and mug on him like i do every morning.
i just can’t resist that face.
we talk about how i’m always going to pick him up and love on him no matter how old he gets. even when he’s a teenager. even when he’s a dad. he pretends to be too cool for my kissess, but he never resists. we sit there until i have to get up and take care of things.
last week we agreed that he can buy the big couch in the living room for $1,000 so he can jump on it whenever he wants and eat there too. he’s very excited about that and has $60 saved up so far. he talks about how cool it’s going to be when he can do whatever he wants with it.
today he called out to me from the living room, “hey mom, come and dance with me!” he had just finished watching garfield and the credits were rolling with some catchy music. i was actually right in the middle of something, working as fast as i could while mia (the “don’t let mom get anything done” master) was sleeping.
but van almost never asks me to dance with him or do anything silly, and double forget it if i’m the one who brings it up. so i jumped at the chance and said, “i can’t think of anything i’d rather do.” i dropped what i was doing and ran in the living room to bust some moves with that sweet boy. i did the running man. he did the robot.
i cried a little because i was so happy.
he’s going through this phase where he’s irritated all the time. at everything. like all the time.
i have had to really work on being patient, and remember that he’s just a little 7 year old boy trying to learn how to be a person, and that it’s my job to teach him how to do that in the most loving way possible.
i pray that i can be a better mom, every night.

and what about this little bundle of the most deliciousness you’ve ever seen?! i swear it’s not fair that i have this perfect little sweet smelling creature at my disposal whenever i want her. i get to munch on those cheeks, and tickle those pudgy legs and round belly, and hear the cutest little laugh ever, and just stare at those perfect little features.
Christmas morning. everyday.

and jasmine.
i miss her so much it hurts.