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i’m still a rockstar, i got my rock moves…

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i'm still a rockstar, i got my rock moves...

kid update

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kid update

jasmine…bringing the french braid back, writing a story/book, finishing up the hunger games series, having fun being a teenager


video games in the car (it blew his mind when he found out it was possible!), kid in a candy store, trying on halloween gear, covering up his dogs with his blankets so they’ll be nice and comfy while he’s at school (cute kid)

mia…morning face, little composer, free as a bird, snacks on the spongebob table, hold me mom, playing in the rain

helmet head, monday morning craft, & 3 monitors

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helmet head, monday morning craft, & 3 monitors

mia’s first “real haircut” has left her with a helmet head when she’s not wearing a clip or bow.but who’s looking at the helmet head when there’s such a cute smile to focus on?

i got this guy at the thrift store for .99 cents. his hand was missing and it looks like he was intended to be a candle holder for one of those skinny candles that i don’t like… so i made a menu for his left hand, and found a cup and saucer for his right to serve as a toothpick holder.
my creative urge has been satisfied for the day, time to clean:/


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missionary van

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missionary van

these pics were taken a while back, but  i wanted to post them so van can remember how much he loves having the missionaries over.

we usually have them over for dinner every month, and after dinner they always share an uplifting message with our family. this time i think they were acting out a scene from the book of mormon and van was helping them out.

dad went and got him his old missionary tag, and he smiled proudly for the camera.

over the weekend

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over the weekend

friday night at the local burger joint “moo yah” (pretty clever eh?) and then off to the high school football game to catch the halftime always, we followed mia around with the camera because well let’s face it, that little mug is just screaming to have her picture taken.
and the halftime show was awesome! i’ve got 10 of my young women either in the band, color guard, or drill team. i had fun running around trying to get a picture of all of them. katelynn was the only one i couldn’t find:(  good job girls!


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karen is freddy’s youngest brother’s (erik’s) wife and she just turned 21.
when they first started dating, we were expecting just another punk teenager. i mean i was a punk teenager when i was 18 weren’t you?! but boy were we wrong. she has surprised us at every turn, and i’m pretty sure i can speak for the entire sanders’ fam as we’ve all had this discussion about her. she really is great.

k some things that have impressed me (and continue to) about karen…

-the girl can cook! she surprised us all with a homemade spaghetti dinner one time when we first met her. like full on simmering all day, perfect blend of spices, thick chunky vegetables, served with gourmet salad and french bread. she was 18 mind you. i think i would have ran to the nearest taco bell and served everybody up some burritos at that age. other yummy dinners and desserts have been whipped up, and i’m still stealing recipes from her.

(all right, this girl is showing me up- i’m not sure if i like her. let’s see what else she’s got)

-she can engage in any conversation about anything, and seems to know what she’s talking about too! decorating, sports, kids, relationships, current events, cooking, literature, education, politics, and on and on.

(maybe she’s a vampire and is really like 109 years old like edward, and has a decade of knowledge on us. i don’t know, just a thought.)

-she’s super smart and motivated with her schooling. she started going to college fresh out of high school, took a few semesters off when she had londyn, and is still at it- working towards majoring in education. there’s no doubt she’ll be the best elementary school teacher ever!

(even though i didn’t go to college, i still got me some smarts:/)

-she knows about social graces like, “what can i bring for dinner?” or “here’s a house warming present” or “i’m going to Costco, can i pick you up some diapers for mia?” she is always genuinely interested about what’s going on with everybody and is so honest and sincere, which seems to put everyone at ease around her.

(i’m still waiting to find out why she’s always sucking up)

-she’s a natural mother. just picked it up like riding a bike. she follows her instincts, and seems to have a built-in gauge for how to do things that are best for her baby. she knows how to balance school, being a mother and a wife, budget the money (and be responsible about it), and take care of her home. (plus, she decorated her apartment super cute which gives her extra brownie points with me:D)

(wait a minute i’ve had 3 kids and more houses than her to practice decorating on, she can’t be better than me! dang it, and i still have to be nice to her?!)

my observant self tells me that there’s always been something inside of karen that knows that there’s something more. more than what she knows or has experienced, and she’s open to finding out what that is, and is in touch with her feelings. she doesn’t just take someone’s word for the truth, she needs to know for herself because she wouldn’t be ok with not being honest with herself. she looks to the future and makes plans for it, and isn’t content with falling short of doing what’s best for her family.

so happy birthday karen, you really are great and we’re so glad that you’re a part of our family. but i gotta say- now that you’re 21 and officially an “adult”, the game is on. no more of this “being nice to karen because she’s so young” business. the playing field is equal- you’re going down!

love you girl! happy birthday!
we had everyone over to celebrate and eat the other half of her huge birthday cake with ice cream. robyn joined us from iowa on the cell phone, and mom & dad joined us via skype from california to sing happy birthday (i love technology, always and forever).

window treatments

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window treatments

catherine (my older sis) is my decorating consultant. i think i have some pretty good creative juices but if i’m ever in doubt, catherine’s my girl. she has an answer for everything.
like who would’ve thought that these curtains in mia’s room (that she made of course) would look so dang cute on the outside of the window frame? i would have just stuck them on a rod and called it good. but i took her advice and got some cute decorative knobs from hobby lobby and hung them this way. genius. of course mia would never be allowed in this room that we call “mia’s room” as she would pull those curtains to shreds and empty everything on the shelves to the floor. but hey, it’s been a nice guest room and never gets messy so there ya go.
maybe when she’s out of the destructacon phase we can try the transition again.
thanks catherine, they look great!

5:32 p.m.

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5:32 p.m.

don’t laugh

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don't laugh

van and i like to play the “don’t laugh” game. we were both in a silly mood one day at target killing some time eating icees, and i snapped some pics (everyone carries their camera in their purse with them 24/7 right?).
so the rule is, you have to hold your straight face for 5 seconds (1 mississipi, 2 mississippi, etc). he never makes it.especially when i throw this face at him. (oh my gosh do i really look that stupid when i do that face?!!) anyways.

mia and her chubby little feet didn’t even try not to smile