what i’m thinking about today

Posted by joana 14 Oct 2010 1 Comment »

mia. i love that she is so full of life. i love to see her excitement when she sees and bird or a puppy, or runs down the hall with open arms to greet her daddy. i love that she is 100% pure and innocent, nothing fabricated behind her beautiful smile- nothing but love and joy. i love that i get to experience life through her again like i did with jas and van, it never gets old. i love that everything she does makes me smile and makes me happy. i love that i’m her mommy and i gave her life and she is part of me.

van. my soft spot. my little boy. i love that he teaches me patience as i remind myself to answer softly and kindly to his 7 year old impatience that is his nemesis. i love that he collects rocks, and sticks, and acorns, and sleeps with his blankets and stuffed puppies. i love that i want to pick him up and kiss his little cheeks whenever i see him. i love his blue eyes and the way he tries not to smile, but always gives in. i love that he wants to do what’s right and is so sharing, and pretty good at obeying. he really is a sweet boy.

jasmine. i love that she has her own opinions and ideas. i love it when people tell me what an amazing daughter i’ve raised so far. i love that she knows right from wrong and seeks out good things. i love that she tells me about cute boys at school. i love that she’s not afraid, that she’s confident and happy and sincere. i love that she can beat me at a game of scrabble or boggle. i love that she’s her own person and people look up to her. i love that she’s old enough to borrow my clothes or mascara. and while it’s sad to see her growing up, i love that i will always be her mother, and no matter how bad she wants to sometimes- she’ll never get rid of me.

my husband. i love that he treats me like a queen. i love that he appreciates the things that make me, me. i love that he always wants to be better, and looks for things to improve on about himself. i love that as we go through life together, we’re getting even closer. i love what an amazing father he is to all our children. i love that he wants me to be happy and goes out of his way to make sure of it. i love that we have mutual respect for each other. i love that i went through a lot before i found him- it makes me appreciate him even more. i love that i get to spend every day with him as we both try our best to raise a happy family. (i hope that was mushy enough for everybody:))

those are my thoughts for today…

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