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the stockings were hung by the piano with care & other holiday shenanigans

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the stockings were hung by the piano with care & other holiday shenanigans

my piano has been coming in mighty handy lately. dad taught jasmine how to play the star wars theme so she’s been playing a bunch, and now it’s doubling as a fireplace for our stockings! we decided to put the tree in the front room so we can (semi) keep mia out of there with the gate. she still manages to sneak in there and rip the ornaments off the tree. little stinker.

the putting up of the Christmas tree is a big deal around here. well mostly for van. he is by far the one who makes Christmas the most fun for us as parents. mia doesn’t know what the heck is going on, and jasmine has stepped into the realm of “whatever, just give me some presents”  (ha! just kidding jas)

but you know what i mean- van still believes in santa and talks about how excited he is and how he can’t wait til Christmas. he takes time to decide what kind of cookies we should make for santa, he loves to help with the decorating, making Christmas cookies, commenting on all the neighbors pretty lights, watching the Christmas specials, asking questions about the magical things that come with Christmas…we were just talking the other day about how fun it is to experience Christmas through his eyes. it brings back those nostalgic memories from when we were kids.

so here’s some decorating pics and a few of van making cookies. and in case you want a glimpse of how goofy our two oldest children are, i made a collage of the pics they took of themselves while we were decorating the other night. let me just say, i don’t always claim them.


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i think i’m learning how to condense my pictures.
a little bit of mom and mia, a little bit (alot) of food, a little thanksgiving day soccer, and a few family pics. with everything inside of me, i am so thankful for my good life and all the blessings that i have.
yay! time for Christmas decorating! happy holidays!

never a dull moment…

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never a dull moment...

here’s jas making gingerbread houses at mutual with her friends
the boys put up a soccer goal in the back yard. now they can practice their kicking, blocking, and diving anytime they want. van was having another “best day of his life!”
dad stopped by the school for van’s 1st grade “thanksgiving feast” they had in their classroom last week. here they are wearing the sweet hats that van made for the occasion. (lookin’ good boys:))

here’s mia, being mia:)

the $10 booster seat bike, and mia being cute

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the $10 booster seat bike, and mia being cute

we were pretty stoked about finding this bike at the thrift store for ten bucks a while back, and there’s no denying that mia looks pretty dang cute riding on the back!and here she is helping dad fix van’s scooter and taking a little ride. how come everything that girl does is completely adorable?!

young women in excellence night

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young women in excellence night

i love the young women’s program.  even more, i love that i get to be a part of it.  once a year they get to showcase the projects that they have been working on for their personal progress at a night called “young women in excellence.”

it was a great night with beautiful music, great talks, and a slide show that i put together (i’ll try to upload the file if it isn’t too big later on so y’all can see it). jasmine showcased her recipe book that she has been working on, along with the other girls’ talented projects.

she made me do the “leg up” pose (above) because she says she never gets to pick the pose we do for pictures. well ok then.

those other pictures were ok, but the best one of the evening had to be this one of mia’s little crack! ha!

The Birthday Story

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The Birthday Story

This is a story about a boy who married a girl so he would never have to eat ramen noodles again (lucky for him he got a lot more than a good cook;)). This boy is so good at so many things, but cooking is not one of them. His idea of cooking a fancy meal is adding scrambled eggs to his ramen noodles. Not so fancy.

So one day the boy asked the girl what she wanted for her birthday. Now this girl is very low maintenance as far as worldly things go, and asked only for a special dinner cooked by the boy and their children. She likes things from the heart, and the thought of her family putting together a special meal just for her (no matter how it turned out) made her smile. Little did she know that she would be blown out of the water with the boys thoughtfulness and suddenly acquired cooking skills.

So the day came, and the boy and their children started working away in the kitchen on their surprise for the girl. The girl wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, but they granted her request of taking pictures of themselves to document for the family blog.

The boy gave them all a special job. The son was in charge of lighting the candles, daughter #1 was in charge of making and decorating the cake, and daughter #2 was in charge of sporting her pink puma sweatsuit and looking chubby. They all pulled off their jobs without a hitch!

The moment arrived where the girl was allowed into the kitchen to see her surprise. The lights were turned down low, the table neatly set, the candles lightly flickering creating the perfect ambiance… The girl stopped short. Lo and behold, the boy had made her very favorite dish from Outback Restaurant, ‘Alice Springs Chicken!’

She gasped in disbelief. Surely he who had little to no cooking skills could pull off such a feat as this! But there it was right in front of her, a mouth watering chicken breast topped with sauteed mushrooms, crispy bacon, melted cheeses, with a side of zesty honey mustard sauce for dipping. And even better, it tasted as good as it looked!

It was a dream come true! The girl and the boy embraced as the children presented their gifts and birthday wishes. They had a lovely meal finished off with daughter #1′s beautiful cake, and they all lived happily ever after… The End.

seriously though. it was such a great birthday, and i was totally impressed with the mr.’s cooking skills. i think he even surprised himself. i have the best husband and family. thanks guys, i love you!

goodbye 37

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goodbye 37

my very first day of being 38. i can’t think of any place i’d rather be.

for all you utah peeps

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for all you utah peeps

you guys should totally go to this. i would if i were there.
kelly will be there with all her amazing jewelry, plus it looks like tons of other great stuff…

it might be hard to believe…

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it might be hard to believe...

but i don’t post every picture i take of my family. the ones that you don’t see are all neatly organized in monthly folders on my computer for future reference. but i must admit that most of them are blog worthy (for me) and usually find themselves proudly displayed for y’alls enjoyment, and our memories.

i’m really grateful to be the mom of such a great family.

of course mia’s irresistible mug gets most of the face time (just so you know jas- you and van got equal picture treatment at her age)

    jasmine has been opting out on our park trips lately. here’s a picture of her at the fall choir concert. her pretty little voice is now singing alto (much to her chagrin). lookin good jas!