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it’s about time

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it's about time

i’m blaming my lack of posts on still feeling not so great. i did finally go to my dr. and get some anti-nausea medicine so that’s helped out a ton, but i still feel so tired, like all. the. time. i can’t sleep enough, and i usually take a good 2 hour nap when mia goes down each afternoon.

it’s killing me because i usually never nap. the time that mia is napping is the time that i’m able to get things done- like clean my house, or do a project, or blog…it’s just not happening anymore. like right now, i just layed mia down and i’m frantically trying to get my thoughts together and pictures ready to do this post so i can have maybe an hour to sleep. anyways, such is pregnant life right?

so here’s a little update, cuz life still goes on even when you’re feeling crummy…

first of all i’m so lucky because my hubby helps out tons! he’ll do dishes, or make dinner, or clean up, or let me sleep in til 9 while he chases after mia. he always does his best to help in any way that he can. he’s the best.

so on jan. 22nd he turned the big 3-5! wow so old! we celebrated the night before by going out to our favorite restaurant- Texas de Brazil while maryanne watched mia. then on sat morning (his birthday), i let him sleep in while the kids and i went out and got his favorite donuts, strawberry milk, opened presents and had a great morning together. next week we’ll go to the concert that i got him tickets for. then on sunday we invited the fam over for cake(s) to do some more celebrating. it was a great weekend, happy birthday love!

then we have jasmine… (hanging out with her friend josue at a youth activity).

she’s been busy with school, church activities, and hanging out with her friends. we went to her school the other day to see a presentation she did for her history class. she did a great job! she’s taking on a challenge to read the book of mormon in 30 days. she has done really great so far and has a chart that she marks off each night after she reads. she’s wearing make up, into clothes and jewelry, and making sure her hair always looks cute:) we’re so proud of what a good girl she is!

van is busy being a 7 year old. he’s doing so good in school. he just got his report card and there was nothing lower than a 95 with most of his grades at 100!  we’re so proud of how well he does. he’s been reading a lot and does so well. he even takes his turn reading when we have scripture study without much help at all. he and dad had a fun time playing basketball the other day. he’s such a good boy.

mia is probably the busiest little toddler i’ve ever known! she is non stop and into everything. never stops running, laughing, climbing, splashing, jumping, smiling, clapping, eating (who knew?), and loving on us. we can’t get enough of her and wouldn’t trade her enthusiasm for the world. she’s such a joy.

and i know you have all been missing pictures of my belly (not really, but don’t worry- i think i got most of that out of my system with mia…we’ll see), so here’s one of my little 11 week pooch.

ok. that’s it until my next burst of energy…

new year’s eve pics

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new year's eve pics

i keep forgetting to post these. jas had some friends over for new year’s eve, eating snacks, watching napoleon dynamite, and banging pots and pans outside at midnight.and i guess i was too busy taking pics of jas and her friends, because i didn’t get many of the rest of the party house. catherine and charles and fam were here from austin, and maryanne and tom came over too with their gang. i did manage to get a few shots. the little boys had a blast, and van finally crashed at 2 a.m. after he was going to “rest his eyes” for a minute. dance party, pots and pans, noise makers, and apparently big suckers were in great supply that night. happy 2011!

growing up

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growing up

sassy as ever and just as beautiful, my little baby is not so little anymore.

who told her she could grow up anyway? i love you jas

first snow of the year

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first snow of the year

not in time for Christmas, but we finally got some snow last week!

enjoying Christmas presents

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enjoying Christmas presents

mia is so cute with her little baby doll. giving her hugs and kisses, and sharing room on her chair and in her car. and van is in heaven with his new bb gun (he has no clue that all guns don’t have plastic bb’s!). his shooting stance cracks me up!

and i’ll have to get some pics of jas and her new outfits and shoes, which is pretty much what she spent her Christmas money on…

what i’ve been doing…

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what i've been doing...

it hit me a couple of weeks ago.
morning sickness.
no, actually ALL DAY sickness.
i can’t escape it, there’s no relief.

needless to say, you can usually find me laying on the couch. except when i’m chasing after mia who has a new found love for climbing up on everything! (good timing little one)i did actually pull myself together for a baby shower on saturday, and church on sunday. first time all week that i put on make-up and combed my hair.

now i’m back at it. you can just call me the couch dweller.

hopefully not for long.

well ok. i guess i’ll have one more…

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well ok. i guess i'll have one more...

Christmas 2010

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Christmas 2010

jas was in utah for Christmas this year, so we had a “fake” family Christmas a few days before she left so i could get pics.
the next set of pictures was Christmas eve. we had maryanne and her fam over and erik and karen and londyn. we made pizzas, sang Christmas songs, and read a neat Christmas story.
then we got ready for the real Christmas. van set out the cookies and milk, and put magic reindeer food on the sidewalk. he watched “A Christmas Story” a few days before Christmas, and decided that he wanted a bb gun. good thing we were able to let santa know because we haven’t seen van that excited for a long time! (plastic bb’s)
it was a great Christmas!