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the gang’s all here!

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the gang's all here!

well we didn’t think it would happen so soon, but we were all together again- almost. (missed you petes!)
we crammed as much as we could into one weekend! a baby blessing, girls night out, frozen yogurt, soccer game, spring creek bbq,boggle, playing outside, video games, picnic at the park, basketball, rollerblading, movies, yummy dinners, thrift store shopping, card games, moving, and lots of laughs.
just see for yourself…
we’re so lucky to have such a great family! thanks for the good times everyone, we love you!

soccer van

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soccer van

we’ve been asking van ever since he was 5 if he wanted to do any sports. t-ball, soccer, swimming…every year he says no. this year we decided to just sign him up for soccer and tell him he’s playing. there’s more to life than video games, kid. so here he is at his very first practice. best part…dad’s the coach:)he was a little apprehensive, but ended up having so much fun. “the 5th best day of his life!”mia had fun running wild

bright sunshiny day

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bright sunshiny day

happy valentine’s day to my valentines

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happy valentine's day to my valentines

i love you fredgie, jasmine, van, and mia. with all my heart.

to die for

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to die for

can you believe the cuteness of this boy?!!
jefferson joaquim 8 weeks old…


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all you utah peeps are going to laugh when i tell you that they closed down all the schools in the metroplex for the last 4 days from this itty bitty snow fall!

actually, there’s a wicked sheet of solid ice under that snow, so it’s probably best that they did. we’ve been on lockdown for the past few days, finally braving walmart and mcdonald’s last night because we were going stir crazy in here.

this is what we’ve been doing to stay sane…

the kids made a fort in van’s room and watched harry potter and played video games. van brought in his lava lamp and made a comfy bed to spend the night. he was pretty excited about that.

we went outside a few times, but it was SO cold! like 10 degrees with a -8 wind chill so it didn’t last long. but van had fun taking a hammer to the ice, and mia loved being out there eating the snow.

more fun included:  family games, dancing around in the living room, van and mia chasing each other around, cleaning, movie nights, treats, and lots of hot chocolate.


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i took about 10 pictures and she didn’t look at the camera once. oh well, all the better to see those yummy cheeks.
sweet baby.