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i know. she’s too old for a bottle…

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i know. she's too old for a bottle...

but it’s only for naps and bedtime, plus it’s keeping her little. i’m all about keeping my kids little for as long as i can. sweet baby.

a few things

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a few things

maybe it’s the pregnancy, but i haven’t been blogging so much, or taking pictures for that matter! here are a few things that i got on camera this past month…

jasmine had her spring choir concert. maryanne and the kids came to watch, then we hit sonic for some ice cream after. (dad, van, and mia played basketball in the gym while we were waiting for the concert to start)
we had our young women’s “new beginnings” night.  the theme was “black and white.” we tied in the black and white theme by talking to the girls about how today we live in a world that are blurring morals and lines between right and wrong, but the Lord’s standards are clear…there are no “gray” areas (we don’t believe in being partway honest etc.) it was a great night.

van finished his first “school project” a diorama of texas. obviously i helped, but he did all the work. he placed everything exactly where he wanted it, cut everything, and glued it. i wanted to make sure that it was HIS project, not mine:) good job buddy!

and mia went to her very first birthday party for little 2 year old felicity down the street. so cute!