happy day

Posted by joana 14 May 2012 Comments Off

i had a beautiful mother’s day today. i got presents, flowers, balloons, dinner, and dessert- all with my favorite people around me. my sweet husband and great kids made me feel extra special, and i was reminded again of how incredibly blessed i am to be the mama around here.

i love being a mom. it is my absolute favorite thing in the world and brings me incredible amounts of joy. i feel so privileged to be able to take care of these little spirits- to teach them, love them, and help them become the best they can be. i know i lack in some areas, but i hope they know that i’m doing the best i can and love them so much.

here are a few shots of me and my great looking kids before church today.




and here’s one with the man who completes our family. i’m so grateful for the love and support that i get from that handsome bald man.

i’m one lucky gal.

AND happy mother’s day to my wonderful mother and mother in law! you chicks are the bomb!


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