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first day of school

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first day of school

well here’s our big third grader looking all cool before heading off to school…

and here’s our big 10th grader on the first day of school. hey, what’s with the pajamas, and swimming, and taco bell?

well this year we decided to put jasmine in an online public school, and as the pictures above show… we’re lovin it so far.

not to be confused with “homeschool” where i’m the teacher (i haven’t been able to help my kids with math since the 5th grade), the online public school has real live teachers that are available all day to answer questions through chat, IM, or email. some classes have live sessions where she can actually ask questions on her microphone or use the chat. it’s pretty cool, and she’s doing amazing at being responsible for all her classes. spanish is her favorite so far, then chemistry , and she’s excited about AP english because she gets to read  macbeth.

we’re trying to mix it up and keep it fun, because i can imagine that it would be monotonous to sit in your room all day for school. so we’ve done a soda run,  went swimming for p.e. and taco bell for lunch, and friday she gets to have “school” at the library for a change of scenery.

i’m hoping this will help her get a little more serious about school and realize the importance of her education, she just wasn’t getting that the high school.

wish us luck!

it’s his birthday…he can eat dirt and play in the rain if he wants to

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it's his birthday...he can eat dirt and play in the rain if he wants to

so our little guy turned one on the 15th. time sure flies.

we got some great pics of this sweet boy on his special day…

another birthday girl

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another birthday girl

there are no breaks for birthdays around here in the summer months. all 4 of my kids have their birthdays crammed into 3 months…june, july, and august. jasmine turned 15 yesterday. how can it be that i have a child that old?! crazy.
anyways, jasmine is THE funnest birthday person i know. she gets SO excited about her birthday. she tells everyone that her birthday is coming up weeks before. she counts down the days, as we’re constantly reminded “4 more days til my birthday!” it’s very cute. i love treating her special and making sure that she gets what she wants all day. of course mom’s traditional birthday poster has to make its debut. this year the one direction boys had a few things to say:)

the day before, we went out to the olive garden for her birthday dinner pick. here we are waiting outside to be seated while dad and jake ran an errand nearby. i couldn’t resist snapping some pics of mia being mia, and then handed the camera off to van who took a great one of the 3 of us.

then inside for some fabulous shrimp and pasta.

the next day (her birthday),  the crew went to see MIB 3 (dad took the movie shift so there are no pictures at the theater. he got in big trouble)

 then back home for pizza, cake, and presents.

then the REAL fun…the youth dance! i stayed for a while to take some pics, and i couldn’t believe how much fun they were  having. every time a good song would come on, they would scream and run to the dance floor. i’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…

jas even let her nerdy mom (she thinks i’m un cool because i’m old), hang out and dance with her.

another great birthday for the books. happy birthday my sweet jas.

summer science experiments

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summer science experiments

mia being silly/jake being cute

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mia being silly/jake being cute

Joy/ noun (joi)

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Joy/ noun (joi)

A deep feeling or condition of happiness or contentment.

my girls…

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my girls...