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justin bieber eats sushi

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justin bieber eats sushi

i was trying to give jasmine an incentive to clean her ridiculously messy room the other day- so i told her that if i was pleasantly surprised by her soon- to- be immaculate room, then she would be more than pleasantly surprised by the pleasant surprise that i had planned for her (then we laughed about how many times we could put “pleasantly surprised” in a sentence).

she was hesitant at first and made me promise that the surprise wasn’t a high five or a hug, but i assured her of the coolness of the surprise and that she was going to love it.

so she went to work cleaning her room for 3 hours from top to bottom. jasmine loves a surprise, and her curiosity was exactly the motivation she needed to get that room cleaned- and when she was finished, it looked awesome! she even dusted and vacuumed. i was indeed pleasantly surprised, so i told her to take a shower and get ready and we’d go to the “surprise” after dinner (the plan was to take her to this very cool sushi bar (she’s a huge sushi fan), but if i told her we were going to a restaurant it might give it away, so i added the dinner part to steer her away from that possibility).

i timed it so she didn’t have time to eat (i told her there might be refreshments there), and when we got in the car she asked me for a hint. the sushi place was by the library in frisco, so i told her there was something cool going on at the library. i pretended like i got an email with an invitation to a private movie screening.

well she got all excited when she heard that thinking maybe it was breaking dawn part2, or catching fire. she even entertained the thought that there was an obscure chance i knew about some one direction movie before she did, and she was about to see the one direction boys. ha! (this was getting fun)

when we were almost there, i said “ok i don’t want you to be disappointed when we get there since you thought it was all that cool stuff, so i’ll just tell you. it’s a private showing of…..JUSTIN BIEBER NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!” i pretended like i thought it would be so cool (even though i know she’s not that into justin bieber).

i was kind of expecting her to be all irritated, but instead- she busted up laughing. i was still playing along and tried to get her to agree that it would be fun, but we both ended up laughing so hard we were crying.

“justin bieber?” she said. “mom, don’t you know me at all?”

i said “yes i do, and that’s why we’re not going to see justin bieber, we’re going to… EAT SUSHI!!!” as i pulled up to the trendy little sushi bar around the corner.

we laughed some more and she agreed that i totally had her going. it was pretty funny.

anyways, we had THE best sushi of our lives at that place, and had fun documenting our “justin bieber” outing:)
love you jas.

the preschool girls

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the preschool girls

we had preschool at our house this week, and of course i had to get everything documented. can i tell you how much i love technology?! there is so much at our fingertips that make it so easy to capture what’s going on in our lives- i for one, am taking full advantage.

anyways, as you can see we had so much fun. every single one of those girls are stinkin cute, and we filled  2 1/2 hours to the brim with singing, dancing, storytime, letter, shape, and number worksheets, coloring, silliness, outside time, lunch, and a letter “D” craft. mia of course has the time of her life and asks daily, “is it preschool today?”


see what i told you? stinkin’ cute.

2 boys on bikes

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2 boys on bikes

one of van’s favorite things to do is go on bike rides with dad, especially now since the weather is so nice. the trip usually involves getting a soda or treat, and hanging out for a while before heading back home.

i followed along on this trip to catch them in action. man those boys are handsome.

pretty girl in a hat

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pretty girl in a hat

now this is the life

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now this is the life

we can always count on busy days and lots of fun with this family of ours. today we took the babies to the park for lunch to take advantage of this absolutely perfect weather. a little chill in the air and some sprinkles of rain was heavenly. this long texas summer is taking its toll, glad to see it ending.

 and guess who we ran into at the park? jas and the online school brats who had a lunch date at mooyah just around the corner.

life is good.

if i could freeze time…

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if i could freeze time...

i would keep mia 3 years old. i might let her turn 4, but not a day older. i would be perfectly happy spending my days talking about cinderella and playing tea party. i never get sick of answering her little questions- i know how privileged i am to be the one teaching her about life. i eat up her perfect little face and sweet innocence, and steal as many kisses as i can.

i know that she’s growing up every day- but for now she’s 3 and for me time is frozen, because i’m not letting a minute go by that i don’t love my role as a mother. i will never wish away a time or  phase that she is  going through. diapers and potty training,  fits and defiance, neediness and independence- i love all of it. even when she randomly gets up at 3 a.m. and begs for just one more story. one day she won’t need a princess story from mom to get back to sleep.

i’m so lucky to be able to hold her in my arms every day and tell her how beautiful she is, how proud i am of her, and how much i love her.

being a mother is the most important thing i can be doing right now.

and that goes for all my kids in all their stages.

some cute stuff

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some cute stuff

she calls them her princess shoes or glass slippers. it’s hilarious to watch her walk because she has to walk all slow to keep them on and because she’s not used to walking in shoes with any kind of heel. but when she makes up her mind that she’s going to wear them, well she does. and here’s our little tall man towering over all the kids that are even older than he is, having fun with sis at chick-fil-A

creepin on jas

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creepin on jas

i couldn’t resist stopping by to snap some pics of jas and her friends at a youth activity the other night

out and about

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out and about

since jas is home during the day, we go out to eat for lunch once a week or so.

and we also like to surprise van at his school with a chocolate shake every once in a while…

labor day at the “beach”

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labor day at the "beach"

or at least the next best thing to a beach here in texas. lake ray roberts about 40 mins away, was a perfect little getaway to soak in the last bit of summer sun before fall comes.