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Hey, its Fred here…
The other day i was looking through our blog here, and wondered how many posts mentioned me.
I sometimes google myself, so i didnt see the harm in searching the blog for myself. Weird? Maybe.
Joana has always done such a great job of keeping this online journal, the moments she has captured here are priceless. As everyone that has followed this blog can see, our family has had many wonderful memories, ones that i will always cherish. I look forward to many more.
The posts are 99% about the kids, which is the way it should be. but it was nice to take a stroll down memory lane and see the many nice mentions she had about me and how she felt about me, and about how well i treated her and the kids and so forth. It was very gratifying to read, as I have always tried my best to provide my family with the best of everything, despite my weaknesses and imperfections.
Below are some that i found (links will open in new tab/window).
One of the nicest tributes anybody has ever had about me is in this post:

Here are the rest: