theme park fun

Posted by joana 14 Nov 2012

i think this is my favorite-est picture of jasmine. she’s so pretty!

Temple Walk

Posted by joana 12 Nov 2012

we’re always teaching our yw girls about the importance of the temple and how our good choices can lead us there. it’s not easy, especially being a teenager, to bypass the roadblocks that distract us from doing what’s right. these kids are faced with so many pressures and temptations that could lead them down a road of misery if they’re not careful. i’m grateful for the gospel that gives us direction and guidance to keep us on the right path.

a few weeks ago our young women president organized an 18 mile temple walk that would signify the hard work and vigilance it takes to make it to the temple, but also the happiness and joy you get from reaching your goal. it was also a perfect way to teach them that they can do hard things. most of these girls had never walked more than a few miles at a time and 18 miles was hard, but they did it and it was so cool to see how proud they were of themselves.

i was especially proud of jasmine and how great she did. she got tired of course, but she never complained and never thought of giving up . i LOVED being able to do this with her. we laughed and sang and danced, and kept each others spirits up- and when we got to the temple she told me that she was glad i was doing this with her.

the temple is a crucial part of our faith, as it seals families for eternity and allows others who have passed on to accept the gospel. inside, we make and keep sacred covenants that allow us to return to our Heavenly Father. we’re taught that as we “keep our eye on the temple” other good things will fall into place, and that happiness is a result of righteous living.















we started out at 4:30 am and made it to the temple around 1:30 in the afternoon.

of course i got tons of pictures…

video games at lunchtime

Posted by joana 10 Nov 2012

van’s friends thought it was pretty cool when dad brought his video game set up to lunch to other day…

baby on my hip

Posted by joana 09 Nov 2012

just wanted to remember what it looks like.

baby andrew!

Posted by joana 09 Nov 2012

congrats to my little brother michael and his wife mary for bringing their first baby into the world!

more cuteness from miss mia

Posted by joana 07 Nov 2012

halloween night

Posted by joana 05 Nov 2012

i just realized how many halloween posts i have already. this is the last one, promise.
we had our traditional halloween themed dinner with the missionaries, then hooked up with the cousins for some trick or treating. jas got in trouble and had to stay back with the kids instead of hanging with her friends, but she still got tons of candy so she didn’t complain much. van was a ninja for the third year in a row, and mia had more fun passing out candy than going door to door! it was a fun night.

class party, carving the pumpkin, and a scary pic

Posted by joana 05 Nov 2012

van was excited about his class halloween party, and made sure we had a scary looking pumpkin. he thinks the ones that have smiley faces are lame.


watchin’ baby einstein drive-in style

Posted by joana 05 Nov 2012

costume girls

Posted by joana 05 Nov 2012

preschool was at our house halloween week and the girls let me get some pics