our little stud

Posted by joana 09 Jun 2013


slip n slide fun

Posted by joana 08 Jun 2013

we found one good use for the ridiculous incline in our backyard…slipnslide sns

temple day with the girls

Posted by joana 31 May 2013

these two girls are sisters and are both going on a mission in the next little while. They invited a bunch of us YW leaders to go through the temple with them last saturday. such a special day…IMG_85351

temple day


field day

Posted by joana 31 May 2013

I dropped Jasmine off to hang out with Van on his field day last week. I can’t believe another year has gone by so fast! field day

My daily exercise

Posted by joana 23 May 2013

Who needs a treadmill when I’ve got this monkey to chase after all day…IMG_8450 IMG_8451 IMG_8452 IMG_8453

always something going on

Posted by joana 21 May 2013

photos below include:
van finding his name at the walmart parking lot.  jasmine playing “fizzball” (hitting a soda can with a bat) at a youth activity. the ward campout. doing a one direction puzzle with jas and mia. van’s end of the year music program…van1fizzball DSCN1080 camping 1dvan

Little miss haircut

Posted by joana 17 May 2013

Mama’s Day

Posted by joana 12 May 2013

So lucky to be the mama to these beautiful kids…


Posted by joana 11 May 2013

Meet Gavin, Jasmine’s non-boyfriend. Cute kid. Does a really good Justin Bieber, don’t you think?

jake meets jake

Posted by joana 05 May 2013

while we were in austin for lauren’s farewell, robyn and tyler stopped by with the newest addition to their little family for us to meet. they’re in the process of adopting this sweet little boy who is just a few months younger than jake and has the same name! how fun to have two jakes in the family. welcome little guy:)