called to serve

Posted by joana 03 May 2013

congratulations to my niece lauren who will be serving her mission in Kirtland Ohio! we spent the weekend in austin to attend her farewell and going away party. i’m so proud of her and grateful for her example to our family.

of course we couldn’t leave without documenting the final days with our sweet lauren…

from april

Posted by joana 01 May 2013

photos below include:

chasing after mia and jake, eating lunch with van,  snow white and van on the swings, and dj jazzy jas being pretty:)

love, love, love, this picture of my girls!

Posted by joana 30 Apr 2013

a day in the life…

Posted by joana 25 Apr 2013

going to work

Posted by joana 25 Apr 2013

mia’s new thing is to sit in the washing machine and pretend to be at “work.” sometimes she brings snacks or drinks and things to work on, but the best part is when she reaches over to the dryer and repeatedly pushes the stop button which makes the most annoying noise ever. when i tell her to stop pushing the button she says, “but mom, i’m working!”

mama’s boy

Posted by joana 25 Apr 2013

too cute

Posted by joana 21 Apr 2013

maybe it’s just my kids, but conversations while they’re on the toilet are the cutest ever. mia is especially cute with her imaginative stories and funny questions that seem to arise during potty time. we have some of our best conversations with me sitting on the floor and her on the potty, as i listen to her attempts at grown up words and phrases and adorable facial expressions. i could watch her sweet face for hours. we laugh, and make believe, and exchange i love you’s pretty much every day in the bathroom.

and maybe it’s just her cute feet and the way they dangle half way to the floor that gets me.

anyways, just wanted to remember…

peanut butter on a spoon

Posted by joana 21 Apr 2013

his face says it all.

Easter scenes

Posted by joana 21 Apr 2013

Happy Easter!

Posted by joana 31 Mar 2013