love that girl

Posted by joana 09 Aug 2011

my sister catherine is my favorite person right now. she came all the way from austin to help me get ready for the baby. she said she would do anything that i needed in the 3 days that she would be here.

you should’ve seen her whipping around my house- cleaning, making freezer meals for after jake is born, taking the kids to the movies, cooking dinner, painting, making cookies, going to the craft store, and just hanging out with me. it was so nice to have my sis around.

i can’t believe i didn’t get many pictures while she was here, but i did catch a few before and afters of the awesome paint job she did in my bedroom! (she had already painted one wall when i remembered to get the camera out, but you get the idea)

thanks so much catherine!


my rockin’ baby shower!

Posted by joana 08 Aug 2011

i just have 2 words…waffle bar. it was awesome! chocolate, lemon, and buttermilk waffles with yummy toppings and syrups, not to mention all the other breakfast food to go along with it. these girls totally outdid themselves, everything was absolutely perfect! thanks ladies!i got hooked up with tons of diapers and wipes and some way cute gifts! (check out the “diaper baby”) thanks everyone! and since i haven’t taken one bare belly picture of myself this whole pregnancy (i think i did like 10 with mia!), i had to get at least one (sorry mom:))


Posted by joana 31 Jul 2011

finally got van’s pictures taken for the 8 year old documentation. handsome devil.


Posted by joana 21 Jul 2011

arguably the cutest 2 year old there is. ok no arguing, she just is.

scenes from a 2 year old birthday party

Posted by joana 18 Jul 2011

the cute 2 year old doing her thang…mia is the sweetest little girl. always giving kisses, hugs, and loving on her family. she is certainly our biggest fan as the words “mommy” or “daddy” come out of her mouth a thousand times a day. we love it! she’s into EVERYTHING though, and totally runs me ragged. we finally had to put locks on all the drawers, cupboards, doors, fridge, and dishwasher to keep us sane. she would go through and ransack the kitchen- pulling things out of anything she could. i guess that’s pretty normal 2 year old behavior…but still- i forgot how hard it is to keep up with! she’s so happy, and even though she didn’t know what was going on with her birthday yesterday, she was in such a good mood. i think she could tell that everyone was there to pay special attention to her and she loved it.

her sweet little face kills me, and it gets tons of kisses everyday. i love that i get to have my own personal sidekick with me all day. it’s what this life’s all about. i love you sweet mia! happy birthday!

4 more weeks!

Posted by joana 17 Jul 2011

catch up

Posted by joana 28 Jun 2011

i’m totally overwhelmed with all the pictures and events that i need to blog! don’t even ask me what i’ve been doing because i don’t know other than this tired pregnant body of mine doesn’t want to do anything . i do know that i don’t want to leave anything out, so i’m going to start slow. so here goes…

first up, father’s day!!!
can i just tell you what an amazing father my husband is?! it seriously makes me tear up to think about how great he is. he’s so patient and loving with our kids. he always wants to be involved in everything they do. he gets excited about the cute/funny things each of them does. he is so sweet with baby mia, and they all love him so much!
so happy father’s day my love! (sorry i didn’t get a post up on father’s day:/)
so the story about his present is this: he was mentioning a while back that he would like to have a fridge in the closet of his office so he could keep his drinks cold and not have to walk to the kitchen (he works from home so he’s here all day). to which i replied “are you kiddin me? i’ll go get you a drink if you can’t walk the 15 feet into the kitchen” (or something like that). so it was all the more surprising when he opened up the closet to find his present. saturday night the kids and i stocked it with his favorite drinks and candy, and sunday morning we made him a yummy breakfast of french toast and eggs.
we also made him a little slideshow that i’ll post when i find out how to put a 20 min video on the blog.

family fun

Posted by joana 26 Jun 2011

swimming with mia, singing to glee songs on the wii, jas and dad go to a movie and out to eat (diary of a wimpy kid 2 and chili’s)

the birthday boy!

Posted by joana 09 Jun 2011

it was the big 8 for van this year! he decided on a pool party again, and everyone had a blast with swimming, pizza, and cake.
the next day (sunday) was his actual birthday. he chose a special birthday breakfast of cake, bacon, and chocolate milk- and for his birthday dinner he decided on crockpot roast beef.

at 8 years old, van is such a sweet boy with a tender heart. he still gets frustrated easily, but he’s getting better all the time. he’s a really good helper, and great at cleaning- very thorough. he has a funny sense of humor, and a little shy. i still want to kiss those cheeks all the time and pull him up on my lap and love on him. that little boy will always be my soft spot. i still think of him as my baby, always will. `

about 10 more weeks of this belly!

Posted by joana 08 Jun 2011

sunday is about the only day i look half decent with this ever growing body of mine. most days i’m lounging in my pajamas, so i’ve been taking pictures on sunday so jake doesn’t look back and think his mother was a total slacker.