Posted by joana 30 Mar 2013

being a mother is by far my greatest joy in life. these sweet kids bring me more happiness than i can even express.

time flies so fast, before i know it they’ll be all grown up and out of the house, and it won’t be so easy to steal a kiss or a hug from each one of my babies.

but for now they’re mine and there’s nothing they can do about it:)

pinewood derby

Posted by joana 27 Mar 2013

we didn’t bring the trophy home like we did last year, but dad and van had fun building their pinewood derby car and competing in the race. we’re trying to teach van how to be a good sport and have fun even if he doesn’t win. he was bummed that he didn’t win, but a trip to braum’s for ice cream afterwards helped ease the pain:)

argh matey

Posted by joana 22 Mar 2013

i can’t believe i got it.

i wasn’t even trying to get this shot. it was by complete accident that he just happened to be doing the “argh matey” face (you know, like a pirate) right as i snapped the picture, but here it is!

now i can die a happy woman.


spring break- camping!

Posted by joana 17 Mar 2013

we had a fun spring break week and decided to finish it off with an overnight camping trip. it was a little crazy taking the babies, but what good is life without a little craziness, eh? i love this little family of mine…

spring break- cute kids having fun!

Posted by joana 17 Mar 2013

spring break- poppin tags at the thrift store with my homies!

Posted by joana 17 Mar 2013

spring break- mini golf and go karts!

Posted by joana 17 Mar 2013

jas tried to get a big group together to join us for the race track, but only josue and gavin made it. of course she doesn’t ever mind being the only girl, and everyone had a blast!

we started with mini golf, then dad and jake joined us after naptime. van was a rockstar in his go kart, opposed to mia who had no idea what she was doing, and  jakey ran wild the whole time (but we’re used to that:) good times!

spring break- hangin with the teenagers!

Posted by joana 17 Mar 2013

another fun night chaperoning the youth dance, followed by yummy chili’s food. so glad that jasmine loves being social and has such great friends!

youth conference

Posted by joana 12 Mar 2013

here are some pictures from youth conference (last month). jasmine had so much fun and said this year was the best ever! she said the best part was “the game of life” that they played on saturday before the dance.

the object of the game was to go through life by going to college, getting married, going on a honeymoon, having kids, finding a job, getting a house, buying a car, taking out loans, putting things on credit cards, etc.

sometimes with the “roll of the dice” they had some setbacks that forced them down a different road than what they wanted (like a spouse or a child dying, losing a job, unexpected medical bills, etc.) and they had to adjust their life accordingly. along the way they were able to earn “blessings” by making good choices which benefited them at the end. they had to account for where they ended up financially with the “end of game bankers” (i got to be an adult volunteer and that was my job). and all the spiritual blessings, tithing, and personal memories were squared away with the “bishop” before they died and went to “heaven.”

some kids went through the whole game without putting anything on a credit card, and some kids were in debt over a hundred thousand dollars. some of them landed on a square that told them they were a felon and had to go to jail, and some were high school drop outs. sometimes they were able to clean up their mistakes, go back to school, get better jobs, and make more money to get out of debt etc. and sometimes they ended up having to live with what they got. it was pretty much like life.

It was really a cool experience for the kids to recognize what kind of choices need to made as an adult, and that sometimes we’re not in control of what trials we face but that good choices and level headed thinking increase your chances of success dramatically.

it was  a pretty big production, and the lady who does it travels around and sets it up for youth conferences all over the U.S. she said this is her 12th year doing it. i was really impressed and so glad that jasmine was able to participate, she learned alot and had tons of fun.

camera phone pics

Posted by joana 03 Mar 2013

with the technology of camera phones, are we just taking a bunch of random unnecessary pictures that are filling up computer and blog space to no end?

maybe. but i don’t think that’s gonna stop us.