bachelor pad before and after…

Posted by joana 20 Sep 2008

freddy bought this little “fixer-upper” last year as a re-po. he had 2 roomates and like most dudes, they just didn’t bother with decorating and such. he planned on letting his wife fix it up (little did he know, i was right around the corner). so i got to work as soon as we got engaged…it was fun

we went shopping for our bedroom set and fell in love with this one…although, fredgie didn’t see anything wrong with the way it was before

living room

Posted by joana 20 Sep 2008

the kitchen

Posted by joana 20 Sep 2008

i’m so glad i took the ‘before’ pictures because it makes the ‘after’ pictures look so much better! we really had a good time fixing up our first little house together…

notice anything different about me? i blog. i’m a blogger! AHOY!!

Posted by joana 17 Sep 2008

i’m like bill murray in what about bob when he’s tied to the mast of that boat and he’s all, i’m saaaaailing! i sail. i’m a sailor…AHOY!! so yeah, i blog. i did it on my first try. well, i just let the computer do the work really”.

to be honest, i’ve been somewhat of an anti-blogger until now. i thought…don’t these housewives have more important things to be doing? like maybe raising their kids? (i admit i had a bad attitude) i think i was just jealous because at the time, i was working full time and couldn’t fathom finding an extra spare second to do something like that. so now that my life has changed a bit, and i have a little more time on my hands it’s sounding kinda fun. plus my mother-in-law had a very good point (which was actually the reason i decided to do it)…we’re really writing our family history every time we post a picture or a story…this stuff will be priceless a little later down the road. also, i love doing crafty/decorating/home improvement jobs and such, and people keep bugging me to start a blog so i can post all my ideas. my husband called me bob vila the other day after i finished doing the backsplash (not sure i like being compared to a husky guy with a full beard), i wonder if he’d like to roll over and kiss bob vila in the morning? maybe ‘martha stewart’ would have fit the comparison a little better:)

so if you scroll down a bit, i posted the story of how i met my hubby and some slideshows of our latest pictures and such. but as far as what’s going on right now…we’re settling into married life quite nicely. my husband works for an awesome company writing software for hospitals, and i get to stay home with my 5 year old while my 11 year old goes to middle school. holy crap! i have a child in middle school…i’m getting old. van is really old enough to go to kindergarten, but since i had to send him to daycare for the last 3 years, i really want him home with me this year…he’ll be starting preschool soon. we’re hoping to expand our little family right away (this 35 year old body aint gettin’ any younger) in the meantime, i’m getting used to this staying at home business…it’s so nice to have a good man taking care of me.
i got some requests to see the “before and after” pictures of the bachelor pad, so they’ll be coming soon…